Phentermine Side Effects

In order to understand why Phentermine can cause such various side effects, we need to understand how this medicine works.

Phentermine is a catalyst for production of stress hormone Noradrenaline.

Noradrenaline gives a stunning effect of the suppression of appetite the main purpose why we use Phentermine.

But the effect “Suppressing Appetite” comes from a more global and the scale effect in our body “Fight or Flight” – this is how our body reacts to the world’s dangers, including violation and damage to an environment.

This reaction activates human strength to survive, struggle and escape.

How It Manifest

Reacting to dangers, all human senses are sharpened allowing us seeing even in the dark, making us more sensitive and giving us more energy. We are able to work faster because our body gets more air and this oxygen is carried from the air to our muscles.

We experience reduced blood flow to our skin, kidneys and digestive system which helps to avoid blood loss because of injuries, increase sweat and reduce saliva production. We are becoming less sensitive to pain, because we get more endorphins (hormones that naturally kill pain).

Besides this, human arteries are narrowed and veins are extended. This allows the blood returning to our heart.

And of course, fight-or-flight reaction helps to reduce appetite and lose weight, as a result.

Phentermine interferes with the brain’s work that regulates body’s organs such as blood and heart, skin, hair, teeth, stomach, etc. Thus if it messes up with your brain, it brings changes to all these organs as well.

Everybody who is taking Phentermine experiences its side effects. But their impact on every person is different because it depends on general health, age, dosage, terms of the treatment, etc. It is believed that Phentermine 15 mg causes the least side effects, 30 mg brings average damage and 37.5 mg can lead to the most serious changes.

Phentermine should NOT be taken if you have any of the following conditions:

• Heart disease
• High blood pressure
• Glaucoma
• Thyroid problems
• Anxiety disorder
• Diabetes
• Epilepsy or any other seizure disorder.
• Do not take Phentermine if you are taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) to treat depression.
• Also, if you are pregnant or nursing, talk to your doctor about the potential risks involved with taking Phentermine.

Phentermine and Nervous System

Let’s see how Phentermine can mess up with your nervous system that consists of Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems.

The Sympathetic system has many responsibilities, such as human survival, food production and general activity of the body. And this system is activated by Phentermine.

Parasympathetic system is opposite to the Sympathetic. It is responsible for digestion, relaxation and sleep.

While Phentermine activates Sympathetic nervous system and mobilizes its strengths, it doesn’t pay attention at what is really important for the body at this particular moment.

This weight loss medicine also affects Beta-1 adrenergic receptors in the smooth muscle causing the uncontrolled release of noradrenaline. This can also lead to unpleasant side effects.

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404 Responses to Phentermine Side Effects

  1. berenice says:

    Is phentermine bad???

    • TINA says:


      • vik says:

        Hi Tina – I am so sorry that this happened, especially by the age of 34. Quick question – are you for sure that phentermine caused the heart attacks? 100% percent sure it links directly back to your usage of the drug? Usually, there is a pre-condition and the drug is actually the trigger of something larger. Just curious.


        • April says:

          I was wondering the same thing? Sometimes there is already an underlying condition that exists. For some, YES, losing weight is so crucial that taking the chance of side effects is worth trying Phentermine.

      • Felicia says:

        Since I started this pill on saturday I have suffered from hallucinations all day, insominia, and memory loss.

      • Mike says:

        How much did you weigh before the heart attack? How many heart attacks did you have before starting to take the pill? What was the dosage you were taking? The doctor should have been a little more cautious in prescribing the pill if you were at risk for a myocardial accident.

      • JimmyD says:

        Well if this tells you anything….. My father has been taking this drug for a few months now. He is extremely irritable now and goes into fits of rage quite often. He is consistantly paranoid. Forgets what is going on or things he did. I confronted him about suspecting he was upping his own dosage and he nearly went into a physical altercation. I have seen similar behavior from meth addicts.
        This may be used for a diet treatment but remeber, it’s speed, whether legal or not it is a drug that can have very bad effects. I guess I am going to have to contact his doctor about it.

      • mari says:

        im 23 years old have 3 kids under the age of 5 I srarted taking it almost 3 years ago at the advice of my sister in law because i was to fat now i cant stop an on top of that i’ve started drinking to help me sleep I tell yself I dont want to do it anymore but at the bottom of every pill bottle find myself running back to the doctor im feeling all the horrible side effects an even about to loose the father of my kids an husband rehab is not in my budget I’ve looked everywhere for a free one and nothing……. ITS JUST NOT WORTH IT !!!!!!….STAY FAR AWAY FROM IT

    • Jennifer says:

      The side effects are not worth it!!! I have been taking Phentermine for 7 and a half years now. I was never told about any side effects. When I developed rage problems I asked my doctor if the drug could be doing that. He said no and to keep taking it. Did I mention that I am 5 ’10′ and weigh 150 lbs. I told him when I was diaginosed with diabetes. He never told me to quit. Now I am scared my heart has been effected. I go for a heart monitor tomorrow. I only quit after another doctor told me the side effects. I am 37 and a mother of 5. I am so scared that my obession to be thin might have killed me. Please don’t take it. It will kill you.

      • Amber says:

        I think the biggest concern is that you took it for 7 years! In Ohio, you can’t take it for more than 3 months without a break. Your doctor also didn’t tell you about side effects (which everything has) or change your prescription because of diabetes? Your doctor, not the drug, seems to be the problem here.

      • Travis says:

        Wow! 7 years is way too long. The only thing killing you is your doctor and you need to sue for malpractice. Diabetic patients cannot take Phentermine as it will deplete your magnesium. Magnesium deficiency in a diabetic causes diabetic symptoms to worsen. Your doctor should have his license revoked. You should not be on Phentermine for more than 6 months and only if necessary.

      • Anonie says:

        I have also been taking it off and on since 2005. I’ve taken it for 6 months straight at times but I’ve always not taken it on weekends and been less strict with my diet on weekends. I have been back on it for a month now after taking off from the meds for three months. I had gained 5-7 lbs since I stopped the meds and also quit my gym and strength training. I went to another gym but it never was the same and now I work out at home on a treadmill and do light strength training. I have only lost maybe 2 pounds since starting it again. But what is troubling me is that after drinking coffee with the meds and having 2 glasses of wine Friday night, Saturday morning I began have a weird heart beat like skipped beats. It continued all day and into the night. I went to the drugstore and tested my pressure. It was 111/55, which is a little low. I read about premature heart beats which could be harmless, could even be a panic attack. I have been depressed and stressed lately and was very much both the night before the weird heart rhthym began. Today, the day after the occurrence I am still having some discomfort but not as bad. I have not taken the phen since Friday and I had one cup of coffee the day of the event (just previous to). I stupidly had about 6 oz. Of tea that same day. I guess I forgot about the caffeine in it. Anyway, I suppose I should go to the doctor on Monday to get my heart checked out? I am not having pain, I forgot to mention my pulse was normal(80). However, it does feel strange to feel all of these strong heartbeats and I am weak feeling and a short of breath. I am about 15-20 pounds overweight for my height 5’1″. I work out twice a week at least and have reasonable endurance of a 29 yo sedentary office worker.

    • Pam says:

      I have been taking it for 11 days now. After the first 4 nights I almost quit because of the severe calf and thigh cramps when I went to bed. I went from 2 to 3 cups of coffe a day and maybe 30 oz of water before I started the pills to 2 cups and coffee and 80 to 100 oz of water. I would wake up after about 3 hours sleep wide awake but would always go back to sleep but I again would get up about an hour earlier than normal now. My biggest problem is still making sure I drink enough water and eat as often as my docotr wants me to along with taking in 80 grams of protien and keeping it around 1500 to 1600 cals a day. HBP is managed by meds, had blood work by regular doc 1 month before starting this and NP went over all before suggesting the pills. I choose my doctor because she really taked to me about my options including surgery. The other place in town is only open 2 half days a week and didn’t feel comfotable with them at all. I am determined to see if this can give me kick start to weight loss, enough so I can start walking, right now with the weight, my knees and lower back give me so much pain, swimming is all I can do. I am 49, 5’4 and was 325 when I started and go back to doctor in 3 days. I’m not expecting miracles even though NP said I could loose about 20 lbs the first month, we’ll see.

      • Stephanie says:

        i can’t find much inforamtion about calf and thigh cramps except for your post. can you email me and let me know if that went away for you? it says that ankle and feet swelling is severe, but it’s not my ankles or feet. my calfs and thighs are sore like i exercised too much.

  2. me says:

    not really it will effect you in diff ways. i get headaches.

    • Olivia says:

      I get headaches also how long was u on the med and how long did the headaches last

      • laura says:

        Headaches usually on phentermine are usually becausre u need more water. Also when a headache comes if its nit water it could be that ur hungry. Or need vitamin c. Try drinkin an emergen-c packet with 1000 mg vitamin c. Works for me

  3. eddy says:

    well its doing me some good gives me energy …helps me get to work good all day ..and ive lost 48 pounds on it so it has to be good

    • Dessalyn says:

      how long were you taking it? I get the jitters in my arms and fingers

      • Barb says:

        Iv been on it for 2 months the jitters are gone but now I have a bit of nausea, gas and a rash on my arms for that im going to the dr.I was 175 lbs im now 149 lbs its working with little side effects.

        • Kim says:

          I’ve been on it for 3 months. I too have the rash. I have it on my upper arms and neck. What were you told to do about the rash? Is there any meds to use to make it go away?

  4. joe says:

    ive lost 52 pounds with the help of it… but i really get constipated,an insomnia dont know if i candeal with that anymore any one have any suggetions. Really pleased with the weight loss.

    • Dessalyn says:

      How long have you taking them?

    • Jill says:

      Check with your doctor about taking a sleeping aid such as trazadone. It is non addictive and when you wake up you will feel refreshed not drowsy. I take only 25 mg of phentermine due to a thyroid issue… I am not able to take more. My side effects are none except for the first 3 weeks my vision was a bit blurry at times. Good luck!

      • Patricia says:

        I have taken Xenical and now I’m on Phentermine. I’ve notice a major change in my vision over the past few months and have been searching to see if it related to the meds as I have had 20/20 and 20/15 vision all of my life. I’ve had to schedule an appt. with my eye doctor due to the eye pain, blurry vision and feeling of straining to see. I don’t feel comfortable even driving at night now. I’m glad to learn that I am not alone with experiencing vision problems.

  5. Brooke says:

    Since taking this pill I have gotten really constipated. It’s been over a week that I haven’t had a bowel movement. That can’t be good… Anyone else having this problem?

    • Dessalyn says:

      i been taking them 4 days and have been regular but I am eatting oatmeal and banana and as a snack fiber bar and apples. Try that.

      • Aly says:

        Bananas cause constipation because of the potassium. It’s good you are eating fiber bars too to counteract that. Bananas are great with the pills because water depletes your body of potassium, so eating a banana helps bring back that balance.

    • Amal says:

      Try Colon cleanance, once then a 2nd time after a couple of months of rest if u still feel constipated some. I take Phentermine too but have no kind of constipation at all thanks to colon cleanance. The way ur constipation is in ur case is not good at all, u’r supposed to lose weight not to restore more fat by squising that junk inside over & over. Talk to ur Dr 2, good luck.

  6. charlie says:

    Just started. biggest side effect dry mouth. Drink coffee decaf and bananas help constipation

  7. Jeremy says:

    I have taken it for about two weeks. I have lost about 17 pounds. The only side effects I’ve had is minor constipation, dry mouth and slight tremors. The energy that i have is outstanding. I also take it about 630 in the morning and dont really have insomnia.

  8. kita says:


    • carol says:

      I started taking it and felt absolutely great. But I was diagnosed with Lupus. Is there a relationship between the two?

      • kita says:


      • annette says:

        strange my sister used it for 1 mth. and 3 mths later still losing weight. they just found cancer in her. hope its not related.

    • nu girl says:

      I got serious acne as a side effect. Also, constipation and dry mouth.

      • Ashley says:

        I had serious case of acne as well after taking it. It broke my forehead out real bad so i stop taking them. I felt like i was going thru withdraw from a serious drug!! it made me sick

  9. vivian 12/26/10 says:

    hi i been taking this product for three months now. and is great!!!!!!!!!!! it works very fast.and safe i lost 40pound so far

    • Alyssa says:

      Watch out for when you get off of it, it causes longterm heart problems and I immediately gained back all of the weight because the side effect of coming off of the pills is that you get ridiculous food cravings like never before.

      • vik says:

        Alyssa is right. As soon as you first get off of it, you crave the pill or you crave lots of sugar and sweets. I haven’t gained back my weight, just a few pounds. It gave me so much energy and I lost 26 pounds over 4 months or so. I am trying so hard to get myself back on a good health plan but it is so hard. I crave all the wrong foods.

        • mandy says:

          i have been taking the pill for about 3months now. at first it worked great and i lost 10lbs that week…every since then my moods have gotten extreem…either too emotional or too angry too quickly and i’ve never been that way. im only 155lbs but with my small body frame that is still over 30lbs heavier than normal. i stay constipated unless i take exlax and have constant headaches. they have me on 2 a day but after about 8p.m i’m starved and wanting more food than normal. even if i don’t eat and do exersize as i should…im still stable at this weight for some reason. what is going on? i really don’t understand at all! i am doing everything right! i don’t get energy from it anymore at all! and it doesn’t take away my appetite…and its only been around 3mnths total. i have moderate energy but not like i did the first week. is this pill only supposed to be effective for the first week or so that it is taken? i have good health and good eating habbits and i am not a diabetic or anything so whats the deal? do i have to weight 500lbs before it will do anything? can’t i just be normally overweight?

        • mandy says:

          also it causes blisters in the mouth…and it causes “stress in your body” for instance you search for any little thing you can pick at and you literally pick at it. it you think you have a blackhead you will pick at it until you bruise yourself or worse. if you pluck your eyebrows or anything you become obsessed with making sure every single tiny hair is gone which causes you to also make some type of scar or mark on your body

      • mandy says:

        also if any tiny little thing happens in your life you will literally flip out over it. it someone even looks at you the wrong way after being on this drug for a month or so…you will be in an outrage. you have no sexual desire what-so-ever…

        • April says:

          I think it is possible these side effects can be isolated. We should not generalize. I have been on 37.5 for 3 months now I have lost 20 lbs and the only side effect I have is dry mouth. I have just the right amount of energy. As far as the psychosis types of things you are dealing with maybe you need an eval. from your doc for that. Each person is so different and the needs are different. Outbursts and lack of sex drive are not common side effects, in fact my libido is higher on the meds for me–prob. because I feel more desirable because of the weight loss!

        • Jason says:


          It sounds like you are having more of a bi-polar reaction. My wife was on and had similar issues. It might be worth investigating and if that is the case then I would say stopping the meds would be advisable. It can cause you to become manic 24×7 and someone in that state can do irrational things.

        • betsy says:

          Did you notice any effects in as little as a week? It’s only been about 6 days for me & I’m feeling very depressed & super sensitive. Someone said the wrong thing to me today & I ended up in tears. I’m sure they didn’t mean anything, but I just feel on edge.

        • candace says:

          i used to work for a dr that prescribed this and took it as well. You are only suppose to take it for 3 months. it is a methanphetamine type drug. Everyone is different and experiences different side effects but pretty much the energy is only suppose to last about 3 days and then you are suppose to become used to it as your body adjusts to the pill. normally, the provider will tell you to take 1/2 a pill for the first 3 days and then when you start a whole the effects arnt as bad.
          anyways, ya… they dont really work so much after about 3 months. and if your not losing weight, maybe you are where you are suppose to be. I had great results, but when winter came i gained most of it back as most woman do… i would recommend phentermine as a get ready for summer fix but thats about it..
          Good luck!!!!

        • Ronda says:

          I agree April, I’ve been on it for about 1 week now and lost 5 pounds. The only side effect was sleeplessness, but that only lasted one day. I eat healthy now and work out in the gym at least 3-4 days a week. You have to have the lifestyle change as well, so when you do go off the pill, you won’t gain the weight back. Oh, and I am thirsty a lot more, but I need to drink 8 glasses of water every day anyway. My doctor is requiring me to weigh in and he checks my health once a month, he said if I’m not losing, he’ll pull me off of it for a while, then go back on. I’m hoping I won’t need to be on it for more than 6 months. But from what some people are posting, i guess I’ve been lucky so far as far as the possible side effects go.

        • Harry says:

          Why would a doctor give a person who is 150 pounds this pill to take. I took my first pill this morning. I am 330 pound & 5’8 tall. I am 36 years old. I am healthy, but the weight must go. I have read all the posting and some people that are posting their problems should have never been on this pill. Health problems or only weight is 150 pounds. Sometimes we have to take responsabliity for our own actions. This pill is not for everyone. Like I said, I am on day one, but if I start experiancing crazy side affects, I don’t need a Doctor to tell me to STOP.

        • Carol says:

          I’ve been on this for a month and other than the dry mouth I love it. Lost 13 pounds at a reasonable rate and instead of craving food I’m choosing food. I was told that Adderoll for ADHD might be an option after my 90 days. I feel normal for the first time in my life.

        • Tamara says:

          I have taking them about two months now. I tried them before and was really jittery and I didn’t like the way they made me feel. I went to another physician that suggested I start with a half a pill and see how I felt. I take a whole tablet now, and not every day and have been feeling fine aside from some headaches and mild stomach cramps. I have lost 10 pounds and I’m excited. I don’t think it is supposed to be used as a long term solution for weight loss. Thats when a person is more at risk, just my opinion. I’m 5ft 11in and I weigh 230 I’d like to lose 30 to 40 more pounds to be at a confortable weight then stop taking them and see now it goes.

      • KMRJ says:

        I second that, I am craving sweets like craaaaazzzyyy!! The six pounds I lost in the 2+ weeks I took it I am gaining back within days. I had to stop taking it because it was triggering my migraines and making me very nauseas. I wish they wouldn’t have caused me migraines because they WERE working, but I was feeling really crappy while on them. :”( BTW, I was taking two 15mg Phentermine once/day before breakfast.

        • Any th ing says:

          Ok im not being rude but 330lbs is not healthy, a nd if someone that is 150lbs feels th at they need it then so be it, it is healthier than throwing up all of the food you eat, if it makes them feel good about themselves then more power to them, I started taking the 37.5 pills 20 days ago and I was 198lbs when I started and now im 170, my goal is 150 and as far as the side effects, everybody is different there is so many side effects from these pills that anyone can have any amount of the side effects and if you have more than 2 or 3 of the minor ones then your dosage is wrong for your body, you need to go see your doc and have him change it till it is right for you

    • Jeff says:

      I just started taking this. It’s already been a week and I’ve lost nearly 10 pounds. It’s not just the medicine that will determine if you lose weight or not. The thing that will help you in the long run when you get off the medicine is a change in your eating habits. It’s not just about not eating or portion control. You have to teach yourself to eat healthier and be healthier. Since I started taking this medication I have completely stopped drinking soda, been drinking mostly water (which helps with the whole drymouth problem anyways). I stay away from processed foods and greasy fatty foods or things smothered in cheese, etc. Been eating lots of whole grains and fibrous fruits/veggies. Lots of fruits and vegetables anyways. I’m only taking the 15mg dose but it’s effective for me. I have to tell myself through the day “okay, it’s time to eat something” even though I could easily just forget about it. My problem was that I was an increeedible snacker. I would snack just because I was bored.

      This has helped with this habit as well. I feel that once eating healthy has become habitual that it will be easy for me to maintain this lifestyle once I stop taking the medication.

      With this I also try to remain physically active. Stationary bike, oldschool workout VHS tapes with the wife, take the stairs instead of the elevator at work that kinda thing.

      Eager to see where I will be in a few months but we’ll see.

      Also as a note to those of you who take antidepressants. I take Wellbutrin XL in the 300mg dose and have experienced no increased rage/agitation and have yet to have a seizure . IT’s good stuff.

      • Babe says:

        I am with Carol on this. I am able to control what I eat as i am now conscious of eating healthy.The dryness of the mouth was for a while. I usually dont sleep well before taking the pill so i didt see that part as a side effect. i have lost some weight but yet to get to my goal. Its a pity i cant buy it off the shelf in Nigeria. For the first time i got a drug that works, with my exercise and healthy eating.

  10. Keri says:

    I have been on it for over a year. Biggest side effects for me are acne, and constipation. I am willing to deal with the acne till I lose all the weight I want to (down 5o plus so far) and I take two fiber capsules with a multi-vitamin every morning and that is enough to take care of the constipation problem. You may need more or less of the capsules, but they are tasteless and easy to use.

  11. Karen says:

    I have taken this before for three months lost weight went off of it cause I could not afford co pays and the drugs out of work. Went back on it because I gained all of my baby weigh back. The problems I have been experiencing is slight dry mouth, slight jitters and the last two days I have had eye headaches. Now I am not sure if this is part of a sinus infection I have been fighting for the last two weeks who knows. But, I am thirty-six 150 pounds and when I take a full pill I feel like I have been on an all night drug binge…so I am going to start it slow. Anyone have any suggestions for the headaches? I am going to add more fiber and a multivitamin to my diet as well.

    • Dessalyn says:

      I have the jitters to and i dont like that. Have you been able to take something that relaxes that?

    • dustin says:

      First I’m not a doctor, but I am an EMT. For headaches related to taking a specific drug or not, you need a sufficient amount of water intake; probably more than the 8 glasses reccomended, plenty of vitaman c, caffine pills can help, and walk for 30 mins at least per day. My spouse gets headaches severely and we bought a portable oxygen tank and a nasal cannula. Crank the tank to 6 lpm and give it 15 to 20 minutes and that will significantly reduce the headache spells. If it gets really severe and nothing works, you may ask your provider for a ct scan. One before you take the med and another while the med is in affect, just to compare the difference in the vessels of the brain. Do much research, itll be beneficial.

      • Virginia says:

        Realistically, you should all take a moment and look up the facts of this drug- or possibly take a moment to read the information provided from the pharmacy. You are not supposed to ingest caffeine with the drug because it is already elevating your blood pressure; you could give yourself a heart attack or stroke. It is only to be used for “a few weeks” and the appetite suppression effects wear off after that- this means you are risking your health taking a drug that is no longer effecting you from a weight loss perspective. You are not supposed to take it if you have adrenal or thyroid problems and most importantly “IF YOU EXPERIENCE A SEVERE HEADACHE, SLURRED SPEECH, OR SERIOUS VISION IMPAIRMENT SEEK EMERGENCY MEDICAL HELP” All of those could be side effects of a heart attack/malfunction or a stroke. It pays to read the instructions people! I am seriously amazed that half of you people haven’t died or maimed yourselves.

        • Charlie says:


          Thanks for the advise. You are so right. I have only been on the 37.5 for two weeks. At first I was fine with very few side effects. However, this last week I have felt extremely bad. Severe Headaches that would not go away, blurry vision, sick to my stomach and yesterday my Blood Pressure was 172/103. I was a walking time bomb. I just did not connect the dots until last night when I decided to do some research. I will not be taking this drug again. It is correct that you are not hungry at all and I have lost 8 lbs but the side effects are not worth it. I wish I had researched this myself instead of going by word of mouth from others who have lost so much weight. I am not taking this anymore and I will be back on my old 1300 calorie healthy diet, with no side effects at all. I lost over 35 lbs on it in 4 months but I just got in a hurry and wanted a quicker way to loose. I should know by now you can’t rush proper weight loss. If these are the effects you do see lord help you with the ones you don’t. Please listen everyone and get on a healthy diet and stop playing Russian Roulette with your life.

  12. Dessalyn says:

    Good morning, I have been on this pill for 4 days now and I get the jitters in my arms and legs. Is there something that will get rid of this? I take a pm at night so I can sleep but the jitters keep me up. Also are you suppose to exercise with it because after i exercised yesterday I thought I was going to pass out. I am 28 and I am on it because I need to lose weight for a wedding next month. Any suggestions?

    • Ash says:

      The only exercising you are supposed to do while taking the pill is walking or slight jogging. It might help you a little to only take half of your pill the day you want to do a hard workout or try not taking one at all until after your workout.

    • shelby says:

      the PM can increase the jitters…

    • Renee says:

      I am taking it through the help of my doctor. I take the 37.5 mg. I take 1/2 the pill at 11:00 am and the other half at 3:00 pm. it helps with the cravings and does not affect my sleep.

    • Virginia says:

      Yeah, exercise will get rid of it. Though I’m sure you don’t want to do that and that’s why you are on a dangerous drug to lose weight that you probably don’t need to.

  13. Sybil says:

    I have been on the pills for 5 days my heart is racing…i felt like i wanted to pass out. I’m hungry every two hours now,I have pimples on my face. My stomach feels upset. I took the pills in 2008 and lost 15 pounds with no side effects at all. My pills then were white with blue dots but the ones I have now are light blue with blue dots. I dont know.

    • KAREN says:

      the pills are white with light blue dots,you are taking another one.

    • moni says:

      Once I took the Capsules – blue and clear with white and blue powder (little balls )
      they are 30mgs – 37mgs

      the solid pill, light blue with light blue dots was smaller dosage 17mgs.

      Maybe your dosage is different!

    • angel says:

      hi, ive been on it about 5 years ago no problems,….ive been on the 30 mg caps, & for starting on my 3rd week so far thats i pill a day, 21 pills, today 22, i noticed this time, i always have beautiful skin, get compliments, im 45, got my grannys genetics, this time i did notice when i looked in the mirror, putting my make-up on i had a few zits, which ive NEVER EVER had in my life, nor do i have wrinkles yet???? i also am noticing headaches i didnt get last time,always since a child had constipation problems, but i take meds for that, they arent working & i eat special k fiber bars, activa low fat yougurt, i think this will be my last week,…..i sure wanna keep my porcelien skin, also noticed dry skin, lips never been chapped, they are since been taking this i drink tons of water., but have to do enemas, to well ya know,…..why dont drs tell you this cr##???? im under a weight loss drs care, gonna stop

      • Heather says:

        I have been on the pills for one month. I am also on the 37.5mg. The difference in color is that the white with blue dots are a “off-brand” version of Adipex. AKA: Phentermine. I’ve noticed different pharmacies issue different colored pills for both. (Ie: CVS gives me phenteramine, but it’s robin egg blue with dark blue specks like the name brand drug, and the local pharmacy in my home town issues phentermine that is white with blue specs) I am experiencing side effects, but none that I’ve seen listed other than dry mouth and headaches. The headaches are solely due to the fact that I’m dehydrated. Every body’s composition is different. I am obese and have ambitions to have a child. I have literally tried EVERYTHING to lose weight and until now, I have been unsuccessful. The woman (I think it’s Virginia) who is trolling this site treating us like we’re ignorant for taking the drug should be ashamed of herself. The reasons Q&A forums like this are set up are so you can ask questions without feeling guilty. Because this drug is the first thing to ever work for me, I personally would be a bit frightened to talk to the doctor because he might take me off it. However, If I was experiencing some of the side effects that are less common or “worry ones” I would immediately consult my physician. Please take into consideration the desire to be informed and healthy when you’re being so inconsiderate.

        • JimmyD says:

          Quote: ” I personally would be a bit frightened to talk to the doctor because he might take me off it.”

          This sounds like you may be addicted but thats seems to be a side effect of the drug, craving it etc, and the mental aspect of what it can do is horrible, do some research and compare the side effects of this drug and methamphetamines

      • Susan says:

        Ugh- dry mouth so bad acn barely be around people. Now canker sores worse than ever had and constipation. First two weeks not as bad except dry mouth then got worse and worse. Been off it 2 days now. How long before I can actually swallow and not have chapped lips? Using chap stick every 5 minutes.

      • Pam says:

        Hey Susan,

        I just took my first dose of 37.5..2.5 hours ago. And I had an allergic reaction of itching and rash. So I took a an allergy tablet that will counteract it. And I will most likely get the tablets and take one a day of half the dose. But my real reason for chatting is that I have your solution for your constipation problems! My husband had such a bad time and the drs. gave him all this stuff to take..didn’t work. I have never had this problem and told him to eat Ezekiel’s organic and expensive $5 per loaf and we use it for toast and is crunchy and yummy especially with peanutbutter. Anyway, he started eating 2 slices every morning and no problems! The doctor was astonished! Try simple but it will really help. You can buy it at large grocery stores that carry organic stuff and is usually frozen. It is the best..HOPE U WILL TRY IT!

  14. KAREN says:

    I have 2 years taking it,in the first 8 months lost 55 pounds,and then it’s just to mantain my weight,i tried to stop,but gain some weight faster than close and open the eyes,so i just keep taking it.Its has too many side effects that not everybody knows.I have my immune system in the floor,so am sick most of the time,i add to my diet some vitamins,extra vitamin C and extra vitamin D,but still not so good,but…i don’t want to go back to be the fat old miss….But be carefull!!! please…and don’t mix this pill with any other medicament,really reaaly dangerous!

  15. gigi says:

    I started taking this pill and without even any diet or exercise I lost 11lbs in 1.5 months , but have insomnia and severely itchy scalp?? anyone experiencing this.

    • deme says:

      Yes I had the same thing happento me. My scalp felt like it was cold?

    • td says:

      Wow have been on it 2 months, I sleep great now and have lost 12 pounds and no itchy scalp. I am suprised at the things I am hearing. I feel much better all around. I do eat alot better and get good excersize. Dry mouth is my worst problem but I drink my coffee still a cup or two so that probably doesn’t help but I drink a ton of water. And my daughter being a cancer survivor I learned that drinking alot of water washes out all the bad stuff. Is everyone drinking their water enough?

    • nini says:

      I started phentermine fall of 2010 to loose weight. I started bleeding after defecating, severly itchy scalp, I use tea tree shampoo now, it helps. Jitters, bad moods, quit using it at christmas, gained almost all the 15 # back quickly. I use it off and on now , and exercise, but after reading all the severe complaints, Im gonna try something else.bad insomnia also.

    • kristi says:

      i had the same thing!!! I jusdt figured that its been really cold in NY and had a dry scalp.

  16. Tee says:

    I took this medicine for abut 1 year. I have insomnia, itchy and flaky scalp and skin. My mood is awful. It plays tricks on your mind. Some times I am happy other days I am sad. I thought about alot of negative things. My doctor told me it was the phentermine. I know have chest pains very often and the medicine cause your heart to weak and at times it has to be repaired. i now have to have surgery. be careful. Its good to take for about 4 months but not longer.

  17. Alyssa says:

    I took phentermine pills a few years back and didn’t have very many side effects while I was on them. Occasionally, I would experience a little insomnia. Immediately I was pleased with the results and lost about 30 lbs. I stopped taking it once I felt as though I lost as much as I should. As soon as I was off of it, my hunger cravings went crazy. I was always hungry and almost never satisfied. I rapidly gained back all of the weight that I had lost with an additional 15 lbs. All of a sudden, I felt like I was incompetent and that I NEEDED phentermine to lose weight. I didn’t realize that phentermine had caused my weight gain. So I went on it and lost weight again and this pattern continued until finally, I stopped. It had been like a mental addiction. After being depressed about my weight for a year after I’d stopped taking phentermine, I eventually realized that there are no real short cuts. I began working out just a little bit and I started losing the weight. Working out helped me not only to lose weight but gave me more energy. However, I noticed that after taking phentermine, my workouts were never the same. I would get chest pains and I felt like my heart had become weak from the medicine. I cannot run for more than 20 minutes without my vision blurring and my heart rate reaching between 200-220 and I am 20 years old. I feel like taking phentermine has changed my body for the worse.

    • Tessie says:

      I had the same reactions a year ago when I first started the phentermine I lost 20 pounds right off the bat felt absolutely wonderful never had to worry about the insomonia because I would take it before I went to work. Once my 3 months were over my Dr stopped my perscription he refused to let me go beyond that and sure enough not even a month later a gained it all back plus some. Now here a year later he has relocated and another Dr has taken his place so me being me jumped into action and took advantage of this new Dr to see what he would do for me and sure enough he perscribed me another 3 month perscription. For about a month I didn’t take them gained the weight back again so I decided my excuses for working 12 hours a day graveyard shifts taboot as a truck driver were no longer going to get in my way I was going to finally get my fat butt to the gym and so I did kick boxing here I come and walking 3 miles a day to start small. The first 2 weeks of my omg I’m going to die classes and this new walking thing I started to feel amazing (kicked my ever loving butt the first week) but I’M very impatient so I want weight loss results now so I decided to refill my perscription. Before the beginning of 3rd week I started taking my phentermine again and let me tell you what I’M SO DONE I went for my walk then to class and I felt horrible all over again I wake up feeling like I’ve slept in a room full of mold and was inhaling it all night (that’s the only way I can describe it and honestly I wouldn’t know what that felt like) but it just seems like there’s mold in my chest!!!!!! I know what a crazy analogy but beyond that I’ve experienced memory loss sores in my nose, chapped lips, upset stomach, I’ve gained back this time on the pill (yeah that’s backwards but true story) and diarrhea. I mean WTH I’m eating a hell of a lot more healthy I’ve even purchased a juicer so I shouldn’t be experiencing these problems right???? So I guess the point is it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to tell YOU STOP IT ISN’T WORTH IT’S BAD FOR YOU IF YOU START EXPERIENCING ANY OF THESE PROBLEMS don’t be naive when it comes to your health.

      • Tessie says:

        I would much rather stick to my classes and walking every day and have it take a month (or however long it’s going to take to lose the weight) rather than EVER experience ANY of these problems again. Yes everybody does have different reactions to any drug no one person is the same but we all do have a brain and we should all know when it’s time to use it.

  18. By Jeannie says:

    Does anyone have any sugestins on how to beat the insomia? I have been getting around 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night. I use to sleep 8 to 12 hours. The twitching drives me nut along with the itching. No headaches. My poor family is going to kill me because of my mood. I get so irritable so easy. I try very hard to control it. However I have lost 14 pounds in two months. I have tried to work out, but I to have felt like crap afterwards. Not the out of shape feeling but like I was going to vomit and my chest hurt, my head hurt, my mouth was dry no matter how much I tried to drink.I to have taken this med before and lost 30 lbs. I gained all of it plus more back. Thats why Im trying again. I hope that this time I will learn how to live a healthy life. I dont like being fat.

    • jay says:

      try having a small glass of wine or one beer about 1 hour before you want to go to sleep. its helps me a lot

    • dazie says:

      I feel the same way…… I dont feel lost anymore……. yeah Im trying to eat healthier bc i dont wanna gain the xtra weight back but everytime I gain a few I go back to the meds to help me out I tell myself I wont go back but its addicting I really need to stop this is damaging my health…Im just really afraid of going back to the 50 xtra lbs……..

    • Luana says:

      sleeping tablets, but, only twice a week to get some good quality sleep, and also take the tablet as soon as you wake or set the alarm 1.5 hrs earlier and go back to sleep, can be done, it, (along with changing your eating habits over the time you are using the phentermine, it takes 21 days to form a habit, and train your body to eat healthy, i gave up coca cola 6 mths ago, if i have a mouthful now, errr, yuk, putrid ! to sweet!! but you have to rethink your foods.. and have something nice to treat yourself once a week so you dont feel as if your missing out.) just requires discipline …

    • Mary says:

      I just started taking phentermine. My doctor put me on a diet along with the pill. He said that the diet would prepare my body for when I go off the pill. It seem to be pretty easy to follow. Basically cut sugar- if it has more than 9 grams, don’t eat it. Switch from white breads and pastas to wheat or multigrain, and have all the fruit, veg, meat, cheese you want. I guess we will see, but my friend has done this and so far so good. Wish me luck and good luck to you!

    • Virginia says:

      Yes, definitely take a sleeping pill and some booze as getting your brain more f*@#$ed up & addicted to other substances to function normally is always a good idea. If you tried it before, lost weight, stopped the pills & gained it back, why would you try it again? Sounds like you need a decent diet & exercise routine and not a perscription.

      • Melissa says:

        Virginia, I understand that you don’t think the methods that most of us are using to lose weight are very smart. What i don’t understand, is why you are even commenting on this website in the first place. Not only are you being rude, but you aren’t offering anything but insults to people who are just trying to better themselves. My guess is that you are a very miserable person and you are trying to bring everybody down with you.
        I take this medication, but haven’t been on it long enough to tell if it is working for me (only 5 days) I am skeptical that it will do the trick, but I’m willing to try it. It can’t be much worse for my body than the fast-food and soda pop i usually consume every day. In fact- it is probably better for most of us to cut back on that stuff. The medication helps give us the willpower that we obviously don’t have. It’s worth a try.
        I think maybe you should find some other people to pick on. Maybe the blind? Or how about mentally retarded kids? This might make you feel like the superstar you always wanted to be. Just a suggestion. Have a great day!!! )

  19. BECKY says:

    I have taken this since May 2010. I have lost 61 pounds and I’m scared when go off of it I will gain it back. I have about 20 more pounds to lose to get to my goal weight. I have dry mouth, constipation and just recently I have been getting dizzy/light headed when I bend over or get up from sitting. I’ve realized though that I can’t go back to eating like I did before. You definitley have to make a life style change and you can’t go back to the same old bad habits you once had.

  20. Jnette says:

    I’ve been off Phen for 3 years. I did not gain all the weight back. To keep the cravings away, I weened myself off the pills slowly. Take half a pill for 2 weeks then half every other day for two weeks. Continue to drink lots of water and take fiber. The cravings will go away completely within a week of so after you stop the pills. Stick to a strict diet during that time.

  21. Sheila says:

    I’ve taken these pills before for a few weeks lost 15 pounds and kept the weight off, my side effect is mostly feeling weakness and tired, which can make my day a little hard considering i’m a nurse, i’ve also had insomnia and dry mouth…the trick to help with the craving that come when u stop is gradually taking less. i took half a pill of a week then half of a half, and then that same ammount every other day…it seemed to help…

  22. coffee912 says:

    I have taken this many times before on and off It really works well if you are consistent with it. I have lost over 30lbs in like 2 months the only side affect Is the dry mouth and maybe some constipation but this is the next best thing to surgery.

  23. Teresa says:

    Hello! I have taken phentermine but it was like 20 years ago. Since that time, I am on blood pressure medicine for high blood pressure. I know it says that you should’t take if you have high blood pressure, but, I need to lose 30 unwanted pounds and was wondering if anyone of here that is taking phentermine also takes blood pressure medication….thanks!

    • reyes says:

      my sister has high blood pressure, and and over larged heart and she took phentermine and came out fine but it varys in different people

    • Leon says:

      I have taken the Phen off and on for the last 2 yrs. and I also take hydrochlorothiazide 25mg..No adverse effects..The psychologically addiction is pretty powerful and although I’ve lost 35 pounds I have made a conscious decision not to renew my script..I have plateaued so I won’t lose anymore weight as a consequence of taking it. Working with my Doctor now to find a healthier alternative

    • Darlene says:

      I have been on the med for about two months now. I have had a severe headache for weeks now and my blood pressure is running pretty high. I currently take BP medicine and we have doubled it this last week and it is still up. I decided to look on line at the comments….I think I am going to stop the medication because it seems like it might be the root of the problem. Good luck to everyone…but not sure it is worth the risk!

      • megan says:

        I am also on bp medicine, diovan 160 mg. I started phentermine a little over a month ago. I was worried about it too, but within 2 weeks of cardio excersise everyday (jillian michaels 30 day shred) my bp has gone down. Exercise does a lot for high bp. I would recomend trying it. I check mine every few days at home with an automatic bp machine bought from walmart, and its been fine. Just.check with your doc before working out.

    • Teena says:

      Yes I took it last year for about 1 1/2 weeks I didn’t like the jitter feeling so I would took it every other day I lost 14 lbs but I was walking 3 to 5 times a week. I also took this once before like in 1992 really didn’t need it then now I look back I was 140lbs and I’m 5’9. Now I’m 48 I am on high blood pressure medicine you can take it if your blood pressure is under control ALWAYS ask you Dr.first with any weight loss program. My Dr. had me on a 30 mg & a 1200 calorie diet Last year. I didn’t follow and it still worked.I just counted my pills from 6/2010 I have 19 left that means I only took 11 pills.I never even finished the bottle of 30 days worth never went back but was thinking about making another appointment tomorrow to the Dr.I only gained 7 lbs back I’m not walking because of the weather but watch my food intake.However I’m shocked on how long some of these people have been on this OMG! there is no way I would be on anything unless I have too that long b/p is different that’s why I want to loose more weight so I can get off my b/p medicine for good. I’m 5’9 and I weigh 225 still a ways to go like 30-45 lbs I will be happy with that people have been on this drug for years that doesn’t seen to be wise? I see a lot of people here have trouble sleeping my Dr. told me to take it as soon as my eyes were open so you can work off all the energy you get from taking it and you will sleep better the earlier you take it the better you will sleep. One day I for got to take it I took it every other day mind you, so I took it about noon or 1:00 big mistake I was up listening to the birds chirp that morning LOL OMG! Well everyone good luck ! It does work but please do be careful and drink tons of water…

  24. Worst pill ever!!! says:

    It has been 3 days since I began taking Phentermine, I have never felt worst in my entire life. My side effects included: dry mouth, headaches, dizziness, heartache, fatigue, mood swings, blurry vision, but the worst and most scary was dilated pupils. After reading some of the comments I have decided to stop taking them, it’s just not worth it.

  25. deme says:

    I was having chest/neck pain when I took these pills is that a side effect?Is anyone else have this problem. I went to the doctor and they said that I was ok and my heart was fine. Very irritable too.

    • NotSoTupeloHoney says:

      I took the 37.5 last month for about two weeks. Had the dry mouth, insomnia, restlessness that others are describing, but the day after my last dr appt, I could barely lift my arms. My heart and neck were pounding. I was dizzy, faint, and weak.

      I assumed that it was from not eating enough, especially protein, so I spent the next week eating regularly with no change.

      This past week, I stopped the phentermine, and I am back to normal. No more pounding heart, dizziness, or weakness.

      My next dr appt is in two weeks. I will tell you what he says, but, no matter what, I will not take it again.

  26. lyric says:

    well I’m 29 and need to lose 50 pounds in 2 1/2 months I’m. Goin to start takin the pills 2marrow does anyone think it’s possible?????? does anyone have anything positive to say about these pills????plezzz email me or comment back thx……

    • moni says:

      Wondering how you are doing with that?!
      I am 33 now. I took it twice before.
      I was 29, 5″3″ and 160lbs. My doctor only gave it to me for 3 months. Great Choice! and I felt all the side effect, lightly. I ate lightly, small portions, craved only healthy food, and EXERCISED wonderfully everyday. Lost 30 lbs in 3 months.

      I stopped the pills, the exercise and gained it back.

      at 32 i took it again, 2 months. Didn’t eat healthy, didn’t exercise AT ALL. lost 5 lbs.

      Depends how your body works.
      The pill did horribly for my sister. Very Depressed and ILL ALL THE TIME

      just be careful. These are not miracle pills, your doctors should have told you these are only to get u started.

      Eat Healthy. Exercise (depending on your current weight).
      Good Luck!

    • Luana says:

      go hard girl !!! What was your starting weight? mate, just stick to salads chicken fish or pork, do not eat anything heavy after 6.30pm, no carbs after midday, get out and move it off, get to a gym, walk, boxing is great, even if you’re a big girl you can still exercise, get some hand weights and get your pulse / heart rate upto the safe level for you, you need to maintain that constant heart rate and then you’re burning fat !! Even when you feel like you can’t continue anymore you still have 30% energy left to draw on, but if you really feel like you cant push yourself then stop, but even doing 3 more of whatever you were doing is good for you. drink plenty of water,( diet cordial, but no fizzy drink diet or not) nothing else unless you need a coffee in the morning, wishing you luck, its amazing what the body is capable of.. let me know how you go !!

    • Renee says:

      cut the carbs in your diet. I have been on the pill for a year now and i have lost 40 pounds. i visit my dr every month who monitors the weight loss and my BMI. My loss has been mostly fat and very little muscle. I am on a very restricted eating plan, which basically is monitoring the amount of carbohydrates I eat. High amounts of protein. I eat 90 grams of protein per day. the weight loss has been very steady. I am currently at a peak so I have to try new things to get i going. Not too many side effects, more in the beginning. Has worked well for me.

  27. Dianna says:

    i just wanna say that i took phenteremine for a while, & yes i had some irratability, & insomnia… but they worked for me.. I lost 60 lbs in two months.. yes i agree that was way too fast, but that was mostly my fault.. i was a single mom workn 2 jobs & had 3 children.. so didnt really take alot of time to eat.. the key is to eat!! even when your not hungry, make yourself eat a lil something healthy & exersize always gives your weight loss a boost.. Good Luck

    • Lindy says:

      So Dianna, after losing 60 lbs so quickly, were you able to keep it off and continue losing,…..or did you plateau, or….?? Do you still takle it…?? Sorry for all the questions,I just got a script from my doc but am researching first b4 i start taking it ) thanks in advance for your reply:o) looking forward to hearing from you!!

  28. Deb says:

    I’ve been taking Phentermine for about 4 months. I have lost about 35 lbs. so far. The dry mouth is the most annoying part of the process, but I just counteract that by drinking LOTS and LOTS of water and eating a couple of little sugar free candies. As for the insomnia I’ve had that for years, and the restless,jumpy legs I’ve also had that forever. I attributed both of those to menopause. I just take a xanax about an hour before bed,put in a relaxation CD and my legs calm down and I fall asleep. I did experience constipation but I ate some bananas and spinach (for some reason spinach makes me go) and I was fine. Don’t forget, exercise is key to any weight loss program. You can’t just take a magic pill and the weight drops off. I try to walk every day and I just started a Zumba class. You MUST change your eating habits! This is just a diet aid it’s not the solution to your weight problems. Good luck everyone!

    • Teena says:

      Deb is that safe to take xanax with Phentermine I would think the would inner act against each other doesn’t sound right. You should really look into that.Just concerned..

  29. Miss Mario says:

    I’m 56 and past menopause. 5’4″ and my weight has varied between 125 and 175. In 1990 and 2005, I lost weight following Weight Watchers and running. I got too busy to run and gained 50 pounds in past 5 years. My doc suggested phentermine for a few months. I started taking 2 months ago. I just ate less and healthier for first month without tracking – lost 15 pounds. Started tracking food and exercise on which really helps – lost another 10 pounds. I know for long term results: keep a food diary, make healthy food choices and exercise. Side effects: jittery hands in the evening and constipation (use laxative suppositories). I’ll give myself one more month on eating and exercise plan and then start weaning off. My doc warned me about the food cravings so recommends decreasing dosage over time. This gave me a kickstart but was never going to be a long term solution.

  30. Leon says:

    I have not seen any replies regarding sexual impotence or lack of libido. I am having issue with lack of libido and my wife is as well.. That’s why I have to get off the stuff it has done what it was intended to do..lost 35 pounds but after 2 years I have plateaued.

    • Luana says:

      maybe the sex thing is more common in men, i want more, but have always loved and totally enjoyed it, maybe ages too, im 39 and been on phentermine on and off over the years and never had a problem with sex… What was your starting weight? I have Bad phen rage if i don’t get enough though, not every day, but quality of it, i have a 62 yr old partner and he is as fit as a fiddle and leaves me for dead sometimes.. but he doesn’t take it and would chuck his lemon spread if he knew i was, i think more because its powder form, a lot stronger than the pills..

    • Jr says:

      I have been on it for a week and I have had problems with my libio. does it come back when you stop taking it?

  31. moni says:

    I am surprised to hear people take these pill continuously for years.
    My doctor only gave them to me for three months per year. (2 years only), (only if I was considered obese)
    but these pills don’t do miracle.
    The miracle is to LEARN to eat healthy and lightly, and to exercise. That’s the law of life.
    Good luck to everybody. Only you know how good or how bad it affects your body!

  32. Newby says:

    It gives me the worst headaches and makes me get dizzy and blurry a lot..

  33. Lizzy says:

    I’ve been on it for about 6 months now, and had great success with weight loss! So far, I’ve lost about 50 pounds, and have about 20 more I’d like to lose. The biggest side effect I’m experiencing at the moment is insomnia. I keep water with me at all times now, after learning about the dry mouth during the first several months. That typically takes care of it. Fiber, fiber, fiber! The constipation is easily taken care of that way. I’ve experienced a few headaches, but those can also be attributed to the stress in my life.

    I deal with the nausea in this way: I read somewhere that you’re not to eat 1-2 hours after you take the pill. Well, I set my alarm an hour before I intend to actually get up. I wake up enough to take the pill, then reset my alarm for an hour later, and go back to sleep! I sleep the nausea right off! Give it a go, peeps, and best of luck!

  34. Julia says:

    I started taking phentermine a week days ago. I am getting used to some of the initial side effects but have been experiencing some strange neck pain. I don’t know if I slept funny or if somehow it’s related. I saw an earlier post asking about neck pain-like a stiffness. Anyone else? I have searched side effects and don’t see anything. Other than that I love this stuff. Before I started taking it I was just binging on everything seemingly because I was just thinking I needed to lose weight! The more I thought about dieting the more I was drawn to chocolate cake and the like. The mind can play awful tricks on you!

    • lesley says:

      I have been taking it for about 6 weeks and just this past week I have noticed stiff neck and even a throbbing sensation. I also would get a really stiff neck though if I was using a lot of caffeine and then I didn’t have any for a couple of days. Anyway, this is really bothering me – I have lost almost 20 lbs but my stiff throbbing neck is the only symptom that is really bothering me. I am constipated too but I was already that way to an extent. I am surprised this neck thing is not listed in the side effects and why it would happen in the first place.

      • Karyn says:

        I had a stiff neck from taking a particular medication for nausea and my doctor gave me a shot of Benadryl, so you might try some over the counter pills.
        I just started the phentermine yesterday and no side effects yet, but I’m sure not hungry.

  35. Luana says:

    I live in Australia, I’ve been using phentermine this time 3 months, but have been blessed to get it in pure powder form, think i might go back to the pills.. My hair, my beautiful hair has thinned out so much but i have heard it will grow back, others can’t notice it but i can. great weight loss, 35-40 kg with about another 20-25 to go, i go to the gym and i box 4 times a week, and walk too, LOVIN the sex, lol, no problems for me, but, my nerves are shot to pieces and vision very blurry sometimes. And i really don’t want to get talking about the phen rage.. Even before i started using phentermine i had a very short fuse, and god forbid anyone annoys me as i just snap!! But i have totally loved the weight loss. Best not to be putting it back on when i stop using it… WHEN??? i love it, it motivates me, makes me feel amazing, “look out world i can do anything” , just don’t annoy the redhead !!! lol, good luck everyone on your journey to the NEW YOU !! would like to see some new weight loss medications….

  36. megan says:

    I started phentermine 5 weeks ago. the first few days I had insomnia, but after my body got used to it, the only time I have problems with it now is if I take a nap. I noticed a huge difference in my energy level the first week, it was awesome, I got so much done. Now my body is used to it, but I still feel like I have more energy and rarely feel the afternoon tiredness. I do get dry mouth sometimes and occasional headachs and dizziness when I an working out and standing up after my crunches and push ups. Sometimes I get racing heart, usually at night when trying to go to bed. I have list 13 lbs and two of the weeks I was sick I also eat low calorie, low sugar and low fat. I love that it curbs my cravings, that it what stopped me before. It should only be taken for a few months at a time and then you stop for several months. I started exercising for the forts time in over 2 years the day I started. Did jillian michaels 30 day shred. I recomend her dvds, the burn fat boost metabolism is another good one, but they are hard core. I still need to lose 100lbs but now I feel like I actually can! Start eating healthy and changing your lifestyle so that after you stop taking it, your body will be used to it. I also take bp medicine and within 2 weeks of taking it and doing the 30 day shred everyday, my bp has gone down. I’m hoping to lose another 30 + lbs in the next two months before stopping it and trying it on my own.

  37. charee says:

    m type 1 diabetic but recently been taking off the shots and put on the pills. i went to the fat doctor two days ago.. i take the phentermine and water pill and a fat burner and potassium. wonder if any one had nausea or vomitting from the phentermine because i have been sick to my stomach for two days and vomitted today.and i dont know what its from.

  38. brittany says:

    I get dry mouth but it does not give me energy but I have lost 10 pounds so far I think they are pretty good

  39. Greg says:

    I have been taking Phentermine (37.5mg) for three days. I have only eaten one low-fat yogurt in that time. I have absolutely NO desire to eat. Certainly, this won’t last? I am going to get a salad for lunch today – even though I will have to force myself to eat it. I am taking it to help me lose 40 pounds, and I’ve already lost 6. Wow. In three days?! I do have insomnia – but my energy level is amazing. A little bit of leg twitching – but I think that’s related to only sleeping a couple of hours a night. Can I assume that the insomnia works itself out? I drink a LOT of coffee – thinking of switching to decaf.

  40. By Jean says:

    I have been taking this for about 4 weeks and have lost 11 lbs. I also have felt fine but I have developed high blood pressure. I’m wondering if I should stop the medicine. I really like taking it because it gives me lots of energy.

    • Teena says:

      Jean talk with your doctor. I’m on high blood pressure medicine and I took this last year my doctor said it was fine I had no problem but you b/p must be under control for at least 3 to 4 months I’m thinking.It wont hurt to ask.

  41. marie says:

    I started taking Phentermine in October and I lost 31 pounds the first month. (5ft 4 250 pounds)I also work out with a personal trainer and at a gym and I have a really demanding job. The earlier you take this the better.

    Its a good idea to have a bottle or water next to your bed with the pills and take it as soon as you wake up. I’ve had insomnia way before this pill so I can’t say I stay up because of it BUT I have forgotten a lot and taken it later in the day and knew I was tired.

    I have since lost over 70 pounds. I don’t drink any sugar, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t eat fried foods and I’ve cut out a lot of sugar and salt. To me, the worse side effect is dry mouth. Its so bad my lips got dry. I didn’t have headaches but strangely enough a little piece of candy made me gmfeel better. This past month I wanted to try to start weening myself off the pills so I took half a pill everyday and didn’t exercise the entire month. I lost 8 pounds doing this which isn’t as great as 30 buts its still really good. I was also under a lot of stress for personal reason and I went out quite a bit.

    If you are having strange symptoms contact your Dr. A person in the internet cannot diagnose you. If you have a heart problem before taking this pill don’t take it, its not worth it. Especially in combination with medication such as Lasik. You could get dehydrated really bad which is horrible.

    Please use this just to find out what each person experience. Your Dr. Will tell you what’s good for you.

  42. windee says:

    I’ve been taking 37.5mg since December 22. I’ve lost 22 pounds. However, I can’t sleep more than 3-4 hours a day. I have tremors in my hands, dry mouth (have to drink lots of water) and my doctor just told me that I have low blood platelets. I didn’t see that on here. Has anyone heard of low platelet count being a side effect?

  43. christa says:

    i have been on it once before got off and gaineed almost all my weight back. im back on it and i get alot of bad headaches.

    • stacey rhodes says:

      same here, i have been on it once before, lost lots of weight, got off it, and i ate crappy, so i gained it all back, so im back on it, and i get these headaches all day now, with heartburn too.. So frustrating, im wondering if its worth it…

  44. vik says:

    After reading through the comments, I am shocked at how long people are on phentermine for as well as how easy it is to get. I was on it and lost 26 pounds over several months, it was great. I thought this was the greatest drug around – high energy, never hungry, loved it. I could only get prescription for 2 months though and apparently it is not easy to get. I usually took a half a pill a day. As soon as I stopped taking it, it was rough. My cravings came back immediately and I am hungry around the clock. I have put on several pounds, not a lot, but a few. How are so many of you getting it so easily and over an extended period of time? It was so difficult for me to get my doctor to sign a prescription for it or even extend it for one month. Where are you guys going to get it? I am trying to get pregnant now so of course I am off it for time being, but I know I am going to need it to lose my baby weight. Also, I was told by my doctor that when you take it over an extended period of time, it looses its punch so you should take it every other month or so. Any suggestions on where to get a prescription? Thanks.

    • Brenda says:

      I have been getting mine from Slimvision Clinic down in Joplin Missouri. It’s a clinic that readily prescribes the medication. They basically said I could have it indefinately, even after I reach my weight loss goal. To qualify for the meds, you just have to be 10 lbs over weight and not have any heart conditions.

  45. Beverly says:

    I have been diagnosed with severe respiratory problems for over 20 years now. When my uncle whom is a nurse, found out I was on the pills he had a fit. Not to mention when I told him of the severe dry mouth, constipation, and irritibility symptoms. I decided to get off and stay off the pills and shots. Not worth it. I’ll just walk and eat better. I can do it the old fashion way. I have done it before and I know I can again.

  46. Jennifer says:

    These are all def some very important reviews. I just started doing something a little crazy and probably foolish. I am going to one doctor for the Optifast800 program and a weekly injection of Lipotropic and I am going to another doctor for phentermine. I just started this about a week ago. I am realizing now especially with all these dangerous reviews of phentermine I am playing with fire. It can’t be good that I’m doing an all liquid 800 calorie a day diet combining it with a dangerous diet pill and no food. And on top of that I’ve been taking a laxative tea called – 3 ballerina tea. I am getting horrible dry mouth, severe chest pains, joint pain, restlessness, lower back pain, terrible insomnia, confusion and weird thoughts and I feel terribly dehydrated. I am 27 years old, 5’2 and 177 pounds. My goal weight is to be a healthy 130 pounds. So basically I want to lose 47 pounds. My next Optifast doctors visit is on this coming Thursday morning March 3rd at 10am. Hopefully I will have lost 10-7 pounds being that Ive been on this regimen for a week, no food just shakes. I will let everyone know. I am def discontinuing the diet pill use. I was just taking it to give me an energy boost to workout but honestly I can tell already it’s doing more damage than good. I should def learn and just find the inner strength to push myself through workouts without diet pills. The Optifast and injections are safe so I will stick with that, but the pill I took today will be my last. Thanks to everyone for the help and advice.

    • Renee says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      I know doctors that prescribe the phentermine pill and put their patients on a 500 calorie diet. But those people are all clinically obese and it is not an all liquid diet. Ask the doctor who prescribed the phentermine if you can do an all liquid diet and tell him you are doing the Optifast 800 and see what he recommends.

      Best of luck to you!

      • Jennifer says:

        Hi Renee, thank you for the response. It’s good to know that I wasn’t doing anything too dangerous by combining the two. However, I’ve been off Phentermine for a few days now and I am actually starting to feel a lot better. No chest pains, moodiness is gone, I’am sleeping better, dry mouth is almost all gone and I just feel more healthy overall. I am still doing the Optifast 800. And I am pleased to say I lost 11 pounds my first week. So I went from 177 and I’m now down to 166. I want to lose another 36 pounds and I will be happy. I also noticed that the Phentermine was actually hurting my workout routine. I’ve been doing my Tae Bo VHS tape for 300 minutes a week and when I was on the phentermine and trying to workout I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I had to keep stopping and my chest was killing me. I read about Phentermine and it says you actually cant do exercises so vigorously combined with them because your heart is already working so hard pumping blood and racing from the pill alone, so combing that with high impact aerobic training is not wise or safe. Thank god I read that. Now that I stopped taking the pills I don’t get the chest pains, and I don’t have to stop during the workout. All and all I think Phentermine is just an unsafe drug. I am sure it has worked wonders for people and I’ve seen it help some of my friends, but in reality you cannot take those pills forever. So you have to learn to eat right without a drug suppressing your appetite. I know the pain, and embarrassment of being a binge and overeater. I’ve done all the worst habits. Eating in your car, fast eating, picking on food when preparing meals, eating alone due to embarrassment. I’ve done it all. My max weight when I was really out of hand was 197 pounds and at 5’2 I was so disgusted and ashamed of myself. I got down to 177 on my own with cut backs on junk and exercise and thought I needed the Phentermine to help further, but I realize its just not smart. The Optifast 800 is helping me because my doctor explains, people like myself who love food so much, benefit from a diet that gives you a break from food for awhile. There is no thinking about calories, meals, measuring, or preparing. You just have your shakes and soups that add up to 800 calories and your water. That’s it. The first few days are rough getting over that hump. But I’ve lost 11 pounds in a week and I feel so great already. It’s also good that you meet with your doctor once a week. It keeps you motivated because you know you will be weighed and etc. My doctor uses a special scale that calculates your bmi, water, fat, muscle, everything and he wants everyone of them on a healthy balance. I am also getting the weekly injection of Lipotropic. When I went back this past Thursday to get weighed it was my first injection of the shot. It hurt a lot, I got it in my right arm. I think the nurse was too rough with me and it was her just not being gentle, she jabbed it in and my arm still hurts at the site. I’ll try to keep everyone updated on my progress. Take Care. And Thanks again Renee for the response.

  47. April says:

    I’m 35 years old, 5’4″, just had a baby girl and I am 200 lbs!! I have an appt. tomorrow, 3/2/11, at a weight loss clinic. I plan to take phentermine, get B12 shots weekly (my B12 level has been low since pregnancy) and also taking LipoBC pills and multivitamins daily. Has anyone tried this combo?
    I already know how to eat healthy BUT I need a FAST jump start so I’m going to do the Mayo Clinic Diet – or my version of it. My variation is to add my own healthy snacks 3 times a day. Anything healthy like a small side salad, nuts, V8, fruits and veggies. Maybe an occasional Slim Fast snack but nothing over 200 calories and NO CARBS after lunch (first month only). No more than 100 ounces of mineral water/day – no less than 64 ounces. NO CAFFEINE, NO ALCOHOL, nothing white except on my binge days. Having 1 binge day a week will stop you from plateauing.
    I’ve already started walking on my treadmill for 30 minutes every day. I plan to get up to running on my treadmill for 30 minutes every other day (or some other form of cardio) and weight training for 45 minutes on the other days.
    Has anyone tried starting phentermine at its lowest dose and gradually go to the highest dose to see if the effects will come back every time you increase the dosage? Or is it better to start high and go lower to eventually ween yourself off? I think I will take the lowest dose for about 30 days, taking a break for 7 days before starting another 30 days on a higher dose.
    I’ve had friends who took phentermine and maintained their weight and they advised me to PLEASE have a healthy food and exercise plan in place BEFORE starting phentermine.
    If you are getting headaches make sure you are eating enough.
    If you experience insomnia, try taking the pill as early in the morning as possible (5 or 6 am – you can go back to sleep after you take it)
    Even when you don’t feel like eating, eat anyway and eat healthy. Phentermine is to help change your eating habits, you can’t eat the same things you were eating that got you fat and not expect the weight to come back when you stop taking the pills.
    Drink at least half your weight in ounces of water everyday. (I weigh 200 lbs. so I’ll try to drink 100 ounces of water daily)
    Do not skip meals especially breakfast, it starts the fire to your metabolism – eating 3 healthy meals and 2-3 healthy snacks per day helps lose weight by keeping your metabolism going all day! Eat a protein, a fast carb and a slow carb at every meal and try to eat a fruit AND vegetable at every meal. Snacks should be no more than 200 calories each and should be healthy and include a fruit or vegetable. Eat snacks 2-3 hours after your meals. Do not eat a snack an hour before a meal or 3 hours before bedtime.
    Take phentermine as prescribed by your doctor and realize that what your doctor believes is best for someone else may not be the best thing for you.
    AND FINALLY – although I don’t believe in eating a certain amount of calories per day I do believe in staying under and over a certain amount per day. It keeps your metabolism on its toes and guessing…it also helps prevent plateauing. I don’t go over 1800 calories/day or under 1200/day. I may eat 1500 calories one day, 1200 the next, 1700 the next and so on. I do make sure snacks are no more than 200 calories.

    Open to any thoughts or discussions regarding what I wrote. Will also come back to let you know how it worked for me!

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi, a couple of my comments are actually right above you. Congratulations on the new baby, and lots of luck. A lot of the stuff you wrote was helpful, however I don’t agree with the one binge day a week. It’s not even like your saying one cheat meal, your saying a whole binge day, and from what I’ve learned that is not good for your body. A whole binge day can mess up what you worked on all week. Binge days are ok once you have reached your goal weight. Cheat meals during dieting are ok once you are half way to your goal or further. But def not starting out. Your body isn’t going to plateau in the beginning of a diet. For example, back in 2006 I went on Jenny Craig, I started at 186 pounds and I got down to 140 in 3 and a half months. Once I hit 140 that was my plateau, my goal was 125 and It began getting very hard for me to lose weight each week after that.

      Needless to say that was 5 years ago, I’ve gained and lost again since then. I was also 23 back then and now I am 27 going on 28. Your body changes over the years and as you get older it gets harder to lose as fast, especially after 30 and after you give birth.

      I would recommend a few things to you, perhaps trying to look at an alternative to the Phentermine, I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with it. I started trying it back in 2009 under the name Adipex, took it for a month lost weight, gained back and then some. Did it again summer/fall 2010 lost and then gained back and then some. The pills are not healthy, I have stomach problems, dry mouth, moodiness, confusion, and back in the fall I went through a serious depression and had thoughts of suicide. All caused by these pills.

      All the stuff you wrote was good, except for the whole binge day. I’ve gotten advice from personal trainers, etc whole binge days are a no no in the beginning. if you are dieting really hardcore no carbs, marine diet and you want a light cheat meal on Sunday, meal not day. That’s ok. But for the diet you are doing, binge days are def out.

      What I plan on doing is once I reach my goal of 130-125. I will eat right and healthy, exercise Monday-Friday. And come Saturday and Sunday I can rest and treat myself to a Saturday Dinner out with a boyfriend and a Sunday big breakfast. But until then, I do not plan on cheating at all. Only unless I absolutely have to, like I have a bridal shower to go to on April 16th, obviously I cannot be rude and drink my optifast shake at an event I had a paid plate for. So I will cheat for that day carefully not pig out.

      Good Luck to you though. I hope you reach your goal. Do what you wish but please try to overlook the Phentermine, you do not need them. They are bad for you and your health.

  48. Kandie says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I used to take phentermine 37.5 mg back in 2007 and lost about 25 pounds over a two month period. I had gastric bypass in July of 2009 and am having trouble getting to my goal weight. I went to the doctor (not my surgeon) today, he assured me that it is okay to take phentermine after gastric bypass. I was just wondering are there any other bypass patients who have tried phentermine after surgery?

    • nini says:

      i am with the Phentermine bec afdter loosing the wt, I gained it all back. This time its liposuction I’m getting. If you eat crazy again after lipo you will put it back on.

    • sara says:

      I had gastric bypass in 2001. I was 235 lbs,5’6. I got down to 128 in a year. I stayed between 135-145 until about 3 years ago-now I’m up to 160! i recently tried phentermine, OMG! I went from someone who absolutely loves food and thinks about it all the time to someone who didn’t want to eat ANYTHING! The most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. Unfortunately I’m experiencing signs of an allergic reaction (coughing, hives) and don’t think I can continue. Sooooo disappointed. I stopped after a week of taking 1/2 37.5 pill- I lost 9 lbs! I got another prescription for a different but similar med (bontril). I felt absolutely nothing in regards to appetite suppresion while on this pill. I decided to try taking 1/4 pill per day of the phentermine and see if I can tolerate it. We’ll see! Good luck!

  49. Michelle says:

    I have had wonderful success on phentermine, but i have been experiencing red nose and face. Is this common? What should I do?

    • Vickie says:

      I have been taking a 1/2 of 37.5 phentermine pill for 2 months now and get a red nose & face daily. It is really bad if I get nervous or anxious. It helps to pat a wet/cold papertowel on the face and fan some. I figure it’s a side and hopes it goes away when I stop taking it.

  50. Cindy says:

    Took phentermaine for 5 months in 2006 (at age 55) to help lose weight. Had to stop when began fainting. Since then I’ve had a variety of heart ailments – arrythmia, fast heart beat, and then this week I at age 60 was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension resulting in an enlarged right ventricle. It is incurable and I will progressively get worse until it kills me in a few years. Didn’t even retire yet and now have no happy retirement to even consider.

    • nini says:

      thats terrible. I to am 60 and started Phentermine fall of 2010, lost 15# before christmas and stopped it but put it back on. Just started it again but after reading the comments and experiencing every side effect , the worst, insomnia , i’m quitting it. Good luck . God bless.

    • Maggie says:

      Cindy, I too have PH. There are medicines that you can take for this very serious condition. My Dr. knows my problem and said the phen would not hurt me. I am 68. I also have to go for another echocardiagram in a few weeks and I will tell the heart doc about the phen. I need to lose 80lbs. I was diagnosed 2 years ago. Ask for an oxygen concentrator for night time use. It will increase the oxygen level in your lungs so your heart doesn’t have to pump so hard. Ask your heart doc about the new meds that are out there now. Sometimes, it will not change. How bad is it? Mine is still slight but I will now better in a few weeks. Keep me posted as to how you are doing.

  51. Krista says:

    Has anyone experienced leg cramps similiar to Charlie horses while taking Phen? I was taking them, got the leg cramps, thought I pulled a muscle. They went away when I stopped taking the meds. I just started taking it again and leg cramps are back. I am just connecting it with Phen.

    • laura says:

      Make sure your potassium levels r good try takin potassium pills to help with crampping

    • MeShell says:

      I had Charlie horses, but I associated that more with working out than the phentermine. Potassium is good as suggested, eat bananas. Bananas work wonders for a lot of things more than just the cramps!

    • jen says:

      hydration too! my doctor said 10 glasses a day and more if you’re working out. that and lack of potassium will cause horrible charlie horses!

  52. Tammy says:

    Queston, has anyone had any severe rashes as a result of the phentermine? I’m a little confused as to what caused mine. I have been on the phentermine 37.5 and also taking a B12 with lipoden shot weekly. I’m down about 16 pounds in 6 weeks and loving the result but can’t figure out if it was the shots or the phentermine that caused the rash.

    I am allergic to sulpha and assumed that was what caused the break out. It was HORRIBLE! Very itchy, raised patches all over my body. It appeared the day after my shot and I had to go to the Dr for a steriod pack and steriod shot. I assume it was the shot since I am allergic to sulpha but I tried to continue my regular daily dose and the next day I had another rash but not as severe and no raised skin. I really don’t want to stop taking the phentermine. It has helped me accomplish weight loss that I have not been able to do with diet and exercise alone. I have to admit though, all the side effects listed here are pretty much the norm. I had the severe headaches with dizziness and just a general feeling of not feeling well physically. I told my husband as soon as I felt like I had got close enough to my weight goal I was going to stop taking them or if the 3 month mark came first then that was it just for the simple fact that I enjoy working out and really don’t feel well enough to do that. The dizziness for me is the biggest problem. Bending over and standing up I would actually almost black out a little. I’ve learned to handle that and I notice usually that happens when I need a little something to eat.

    I read online and it does say one of the severe side effedct is rashes. Just wondering. I’m in school 40+ hours a week and can’t afford to take off to go to the doctor for steriod shots all again if it is the pill. Not to mention my primary care dr was NOT thrilled that I had been going to a weight clinic and was on those pills. I’m 5’3 and weighed 172 prior to the diet and have 2 kids. I haven’t weighed what I do now, 156, since before my first child, who is now almost 6. My goal was 135 and I REALLY wanted to be closer to that before I stopped taking them.

    Advice anyone?

    • Virginia says:

      Listen to your doctor and stop taking the pills. Is 21 pounds really worth risking your life for? Accept yourself the way you are or change your diet and exercise more (cardio blasts off the pounds like nothing else).

    • Donna says:

      I have also broken out in a rash that started on my legs. I asked the doctor if I was having an allergic reaction to the pills and she said she didn’t think that was what it was. Now it is on the rest of my body and I am stopping the pills today. I am also allergic to sulfa so I feel it is definitely the pills! After reading all these comments, I’m regreting ever taking this pill. I have also felt some tightness in my chest, and my throat feel thick when I swallow.

  53. Lisa says:

    I’ve been taking 37.5 for about 5 days. No side effects at all. Not even the dry mouth. But today my left hand is numb – almost like it fell asleep and I have those needles piercing. And it’s just 2 fingers on my left hand. SO weird. Anyone experienced that? Or maybe it’s do to something else. Going on the 2nd hour.

  54. Jay says:

    I dislike this drug.

  55. Jay says:

    Is this happining to you.
    Here is what is happing.
    My wife has been on this drug for 4 or 5 months now and in my opinion it is causing conflict in our relationship and the divorce word has came up several time. This did not start happing until she stared taking this drug. I’m in the fight of my life to keep my high school sweetheart. She has always been open with me until she stared taking this drug. We have had more heartfelt fights and talks here lately than in the 20 years of our relationship. I have asked her to stop taking and told her to stop taking this drug because it is what I believe is causing our issues of late. I see this as a side effect which could potentially good marriages. I would like to know if any other have see this as well with their spouse.

    • Jennifer says:

      Phentermine definitely causes relationship problems. When I was on it I would constantly start fights with my boyfriend for no reason. The drug made me irritable, moody, depressed and confused. I would try to convince your wife to stop taking it. This pill does so much more harm then good. Reading all these reviews and seeing all the problems everyone has, I can’t believe people are still risking their lives and taking it. I am proud to say now to everyone I have gotten down from 177 to 160 doing the OPTIFAST program and NO PHENTERMINE PILLS. Congrats to me =) Only 30 more pounds to go. Woo Hoo!

    • Virginia says:

      She is probably suffering from some of the mental/emotional side effects of the drug: depression, agitation, aggressiveness… 4-5 months is too long to be on this drug. She should stop taking it soon. Hopefully she will get back to normal. Good luck.

      • alexandra says:

        Hi Jay
        Your story is alot like my. In this case I’m the one taking the pills. I was at 5’4154 153lbs . I went from 127lbs to 153wear in 22 years. I have always had a good diet and am very active. .I became depressed and let go. I needs motivitation because I could not get myself back to the gym. So a friend told me me of phentermine. I literally had to begg my doctor to get them. Within 2 weeks I lost 12 lbs. I feelt great and my husband who was against them asked to now stop the pill and het back to the gym to work

        on the remaining lbs I needed to loose. My doctor only gave me 2 weeks worth of pills.problem was..I was already addicted. We have 2 kids a 5 and 6 year old. I loved the energy to keep up w. Work,chores,cooking, and taking care of the kids. It was a feel good pill that helped me loose 22lbs. How? ? I secretly bought more pills for an adttional months no longer works the same and my energy level has gone down drastically. I have horrible mood swings, I’ve becomed very inpulsive and feel angry at anything and anyone. I can become. Violent very easily. I almost got in a fight a month ago when someone else cut I have line in front of me.
        Jay my husband is very effected by this. He works 12the hrs a day to come home and find me complaint for everything and take it out on him. I guess. I feel lonely and sad because he is gone all day and some how found an escape on this pill that I know strongly believe its the cause of all my physiological mental problems I did not have prior to taking this.
        After reading all this I will stop the pill today and zee

  56. MeShell says:

    I started taking Phentermine 37.5 in Oct 2010 and have been taking it off and on since. The first month I lost about 20 lbs but experienced several of the side effects for the first couple weeks. Had no appetite, dry mouth like crazy, slightly increased heart rate, insomnia, and BAD acne. But after the first month your body adjusts to the pills for the most part. For the insomnia, I suggest NOT taking the pill after 11am. I work nights 4pm-12am, and if I take the pill after 11am I wouldn’t go to bed until 4a-5a and the sleep was restless. The only other side effect I still experience is the acne. I haven’t seen acne listed as one of the actual side effects of the pill, however I see Im not the only one who suffers from it. I believe it may be a combination of the pill and the fact that Im new to exercising, my body doesn’t know how to react lol. I was off the pill for the last 2 months trying to get my face back to “normal” but its still breaking out. So I went back and got the pill today, and scheduled a dermatologist apt as well. All in all, I have lost 40 lbs so far, trying to go for another 30. I have made a huge adjustment to my eating habits and kept in the gym. Its more than just the pill that’s going to KEEP the weight off, its a lifestyle change that is necessary. I think phentermine has done wonders for me, as well as several other people I know that are on it. But be aware that it’s not for everyone. Use precautions, and talk to your Dr. about mood swings, heart problems, etc if you feel the drugs are causing you problems. Good luck to everybody!

  57. bad rash says:

    yes, i have a rash. at first it was small bumps and has progressed to large rash on the inside of my arm to my back and neck. i have lost 20lbs but iam done the itching has drove me crazy.

  58. Nikky says:

    I’ve been taking phentermine for 4 weeks know and expirienced so many things… A week after I started I had neck pain, week an half started with lower back pain, three weeks after know it’s pain on my forearm , hands and fingers.. It’s crazy!!!!! Has anyone expirienced anything like this?

  59. Gloria says:

    Hi, I have been taking phentermine for about 6wks and have lost 20lbs, which is great. Has anyone ever experienced issues with their period while taking it. I have not had one since I started taking the medicine.

  60. Rita says:

    Hi I’ve been taking it now since Monday and all I do is cough can’t get rid of it and I don’t have a cold also I spit clear fluid up but i’m not congested does anyone know if this is one of the side effects and how long it will last

    • jen says:

      i had similar symptoms a couple of years ago and was diagnosed with asthma. it wasn’t phen related but it happened almost over night and i had never had any symptoms of asthma before in my life. if it’s still happening let your doc know. i’m on a daily inhaler and don’t have episodes any longer.

      • sara says:

        OMG, finally someone who has what I have been experiencing! I keep searching “phentermine side effect of coughing”- nothing. As soon as I started the phentermine I started coughing and just feel a constant tickle in my throat and sometimes a burning in my nose and down my throat. I took it for 7 days and wasn’t sure if the cough was from the phen or just a cold. I started getting hives on the 6th day, that along with the severe cough scared me so I stopped. But its seriously the most amazing drug ever, I went from someone who absolutely loves food and thinks about it all the time to someone who didn’t want to eat ANYTHING! I lost 9 lbs! I got another prescription for a different but similar med (bontril). I felt absolutely nothing in regards to appetite suppresion while on this pill. I decided to try taking 1/4 pill per day of the phentermine and see if I can tolerate it. We’ll see. Good luck

  61. Jason says:

    I started taking Phen since last Tuesday. The boost of energy and lack of appetite were immediate, and I’ve lost about 9 pounds in 5 days with the new changes in my diet and exercise routine.

    I had insomnia the first two nights, then Thursday and Friday I slept great. Last night was an alright sleep, but not my normal.

    The side effects I am experiencing from Phen are lightheaded, dizziness (though this may be from the fluid build up in my ears because I’ve had a very bad cold the last week).

    Though, the oddest side effect I am having is a very dull and faint pressure on the left side of my chest in different spots, almost like it’s the different valves of the heart. It started Thursday morning (2nd night of my insomnia) and happens for about 2-5 seconds at a time 1-3 times an hour. If I am pre-occupied with other things I do not notice it at all. But if I’m watching tv or surfing the net, I feel it. And it’s not painful, it is just a faint, pressure that lasts for a few seconds.

    Either way, I don’t like it. I’m calling my doctor tomorrow and telling him I want to stop taking it and if it is safe to stop cold turkey after 6 days. The sensations in my chest since Thursday have really bothered me a lot and I don’t like it at all. I’ve never had chest pains or pressure before in my life.

    • Jason says:

      Just a follow up – my doctor told me to stop taking it yesterday and they did another EKG and stress test and everything came back fine. He did notice though that I was having something called coronary artery spasms. He told me that these coronary artery spasms is a rare, but serious side effect to phentremine, and we’re both happy that I stopped taking it 6 days in. Those symptoms are now completely gone as of yesterday afternoon since I skipped my dose Monday morning.

      If you’re taking phentermine and experience short, dull pains on the left side of your chest that last half a second and happen every few minutes, let your doctor know.

      I’m just going to stick with the eating right and exercising and I’ll be fine. No pills and no bariatric surgery for me.

      Just remember with phentermine – you ARE taking an amphetamine, and it is harmful to your body, if not short term, will have longterm effects after taking it a long time.

  62. Amber says:

    I have been taking it for about 3 months now and am getting ready to slowly get off of it. I started noticing mood changes and I am already mental so the added anxiety, bad mood and depression makes me feel like I am going to go over the edge. I had these issues previously and after being on this for a while they seemed to intensify. I have lost about 60 lbs so far (started before taking pills) but I think I really need to stop. Also, the constipation is terrible. I have added fiber powder to the shakes I am on but it does no good…going to the Dr. next week…

  63. jen says:

    i’ve been taking phentermine for 1 1/2 days now. i’m 37 and have 30 pounds to lose from a high of 187. i am currently taking 18.75 mg, 1/2 of the full dose i’m working up to, once per day.

    the first day i felt euphoric all day long and hadn’t felt that awake in years. it was absolutely wonderful. early today was more of the same. happy, busy, and not hungry. around 6 pm, i smacked into a wall of depression. i am not a depressive person. at least not at the drop of a hat. this was an immediate change from normal mommy running around cleaning and playing with the kids to sitting on the couch feeling terrible like i had done something wrong and refused to interact with my kids or husband without being rude. also the energy was completely drained from me and i was instantly exhausted. this lasted until about 10 pm tonight then i started feeling normal again. but wow…

    i’m definitely already shocked at the weight loss of 5 pounds… that quickly??? not sure how dangerous that quick of weight loss is? however, i did start this at 187 pounds.
    am thinking my freak out earlier was dehydration and lack of calories. will drink more tomorrow and report back tomorrow night. will let you know if it changed anything!

    • jen says:

      ok… yesterday i could literally feel my heart beating in my throat all day long. i’m sweating like crazy and i woke up 15-20 times last night!!!!! am going to have my blood pressure taken today to see if it’s getting too high… duh right!

      i started taking the full dose, 37.5 mg, on sunday. today is tuesday. on sunday i just felt kinda strung out and cranky. it seems like the more this stuff builds up in my system the less my body is tolerating it and the crazy thing is if you look in the side effects chart listed above 32.98% of people have rapid heart beat and this is considered a “rare and most dangerous side effect”! how is it rare if almost 33% of people taking it have it???

      i have lost 11 pounds so far. but i literally have NO appetite. i force myself to nibble on things to make sure and get calories in my day. i’m eating all fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese and lean protein so i’m sure that’s helping with the weight loss too! i have also been exercising every other day. weights, situps, walking and squats. nothing too terribly aerobic and not for too long of a time period either so i don’t cause my heart to beat any faster! i’m just petrified if i lose weight too quickly i’ll end up with baggy skin all over and that’s definitely not cute!!

      i only took 1/2 my pill today to see if it may decrease the rapid heart beat at all but my pharmacist assures me that the drug has built up in my system over time and cutting the dose in half will most likely not help… but i am so tired of being fat! i do have a thyroid problem and am on synthroid but i literally have NO energy most days and phentermine was such a gift the first few days. for once, as an adult, i wanna look in the mirror naked and not want to cry.

      if i have to stop taking this drug i don’t know what else i’m going to do…

      good luck with your phentermine experience. i will come back and post more of mine over the next few days!

      • Lisa says:

        It is not April 13, how are you doing? I am on day two, so I like reding your updates since you are about a week ahead of me. I am like you, I have no appetite – almost to the point that when I force myself to eat I get that gag reflex going. I don’t want baggy skin either!!! I am 5’4 and was 168 when I started yesterday.

      • jen says:

        ok… completely spaced posting what’s been going on! i am about 5 weeks out, taking the full 37.5 mg dose daily for a couple weeks and am down 22 pounds down but am starting to have a terrible side effect. thought i had a stroke yesterday! left side of my face and body went numb, i got really confused, my vision got pretty crazy and i was having difficulty speaking so i decided to drive myself to the hospital????? halfway there i didn’t know where i was and stopped in the middle of the road and called 911. i actually thought it was ok to park right where i stopped in the middle of a lane of traffic. luckily the 911 operator urged me to get off the road and i did. i parked in an elementary school parking lot across the street. the ambulance showed up a few minutes later with police in tow.

        see i had my 2 and 4 year old children with me. i put them in harms way like no mother EVER should. that’s how confused i was. i really thought it was ok to drive myself and my kids to the hospital on the other side of town. thing is the hospital moved 6 months ago and i didn’t remember.

        luckily the police were really great and watched my children for an hour until my husband could get there. also the principal of the school invited them in and gave them snacks and books to take home. the cops and school were AWESOME!!! they came to the hospital to check on me later and to tell me how wonderful my children were <3

        so i arrive at the hospital and couldn't follow simple commands, follow a doctors finger or relay what medicines i am on. i got a cat scan an mri and a whole panel of blood work & urine. all came back completely normal!! it turns out that phen can cause some serious migraines and these migraines can present themselves as a stroke! my doctor urged me to cut out all stimulants. no more phen, no coffee, not even chocolate!

        well… i'm an ass! i thought taking 1/2 a pill today would be ok. yeah… not at all. my head is pounding, i can't get my house work done (i'm a house wife), i can't even take my duaghter to ballet and she only has a few classes left in the session which she loves

        i'm in no serious danger luckily but damn!!! i'm gonna stop taking them for a few days then start up again to see if that won't alleviate the problem. i just really don't want to give up the one thing that's helped me get my weight loss on track. and if it gives me a headache again i'll just stop all together.

        so… up until yesterday things had been awesome. i have learned to eat more lightly and healthily. i exercise nightly without any issue and love it. i actually had sex with my husband and was completely nude in partial light and on top no less!!! i have been feeling amazing. i ran in to my cousin at the local target and had seen her just a few weeks before. she told me if i hadn't have spoken to her first she wouldn't even have recognized me. her husband said the same thing then they both proceeded to tell me how great i looked! i've also dropped 2 pants sizes. from a 14 down to a 10!!

        now all this had to start. i'm really hoping that my healthy habits over the last 4 or 5 weeks will help me continue on the road to becoming a thinner me. although it seems like every time i do lose weight i level out at the weight i currently am i would like to weigh less than 170 for once in my over 30's life!!

        any suggestions would be welcome. good luck to you! and how is your weight loss lisa???

        • jen says:

          started taking 1/4 pill again and all seemed fine then yesterday my brother approached me and made me cry. basically said he was afraid i would die and i’m his only family. so i’m not taking it again. had a vicious migraine today and i’ve never suffered from headaches. had to curl up in a dark room for an hour then finally got some relief from my excedrin migraine. oh well… bye bye phenidrine. hopefully this doesn’t mean hello again to fatness. and i finally fit into a size 10 today. was looking forward to single digit pant sizes… f*#k

    • jen says:

      ok… it’s been a few weeks since i last took phen. i haven’t gained any weight and am super excited that i didn’t feel like i was starving to death and gain back all the weight. so my doc gave me a scrip for migraine meds and i started on a 1/2 of 37.5mg phen per day 3 days ago. i broke through my 170 barrier finally and am at 168!! BUT am having emotional distress and wierdness again. the anger came back to an extent also… fu… am gonna try to deal with it. i can’t stop now… want to be thin for just once in my adult life. if serious medical things pop up i will stop but if it’s only emotional i will try to hang on for as long as my family can tolerate me! say a prayer for me folks

  64. Tina Jackson says:

    I was on them for six months. After I stopped taking them I experience chest pain and insomnia. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with sacrodosis…maybe I am not spelling it correctly but I am on steroids prednisone and is gaining a lot of weight I wonder if I can take this magic pill along wit my meds. I wonder if Phentermine caused this?

  65. Lisa says:

    I am now taking phentermine with my Dr’s help. I have tried losing weight and can’t I have a slow metabolism and was at my wits end. I am on day 2 (1/2 a pill for the first 7 days) Even though it is only day two, I have absolutely no appetite, I force myself to eat but I almost get a gag reflex looking at my food (I guess that’s a good thing if I want to lose weight) however worried that I am not getting enough nutrients. I do have the jitters a little bit but nothing I can’t live with. I am happy that I am taking it I finally see a light at the end of the tunnel, so I’m willing to put up with the jitters for now!

    • Kt says:

      I am in the same boat with the slow metabolism and all same side effects I found that it all stemmed from the lack of food intake. I also gagged at the thought of food but it’s not good to not eat which I’m sure you know. Try protien shakes or powerbars theyre high calorie but it’s easier to get down then regular food and if your barely eating the higher protien/carb/calorie all balances out or at least it did for me give it some thought. Also for some reason even when I didn’t want to eat at all cold applesauce always seemed to go down easy guess cause of the dry mouth hopefully I was of some help.

      • Lisa says:

        Thanks KT. I have been forcing myself to eat today is day 6 of taking 1/2 pill – it still effects me the same as day one, not sure I am going to a full pill tomorrow, I think I am going to still with 1/2 until I don’t think it is working anymore. I am down 4.5 lbs which makes me super happy so side effects aside I think it’s worth it. How is it going for you?

  66. Kayy says:

    I just started last week…only took it Monday and Tuesday because the insomnia was horrible, but I took it again yesterday but not today just to see the effects. So far I’m down 6 lbs, but I have 44 to go. I’m 23 5’6 and I was wondering how long it has taken other users to reach that goal. I’m still in the no appetite stage but I plan on having special k breakfasts and lean cuisine lunches and salad with chicken or fish for dinner. I read about bananas for the potty problems and I’m going to try to up my water intake. I currently work out with a trainer twice a week but I want to know what results to expect…. My mom took them and lost the 20 she needed to lose with no side effects so I’m not too concerned with those just want to hear something positive! =]

    • Jacque says:

      Kayy, my friend took it for four months and lost over 40 pounds.
      With out side effects.I started and had every side effect but I really wanted to lose weight so I worked past them. Try only taking half a pill if you can’t sleep but the insomnia lessens after a week.. Make sure you are eating something even when you don’t feel it, it will help with the side effects your body still needs fuel or it will think your starving and go into survival mode.
      It’s def worth it so try to stick it out.

  67. Emily says:

    I have been taking phentermine for about 2 months and have lost about 28 pounds. When I first started taking it I experienced euphoria every morning. Super good mood. But by the late afternoon and evening I was really edgy and quick tempered. I have had all the normal side effects, dry mouth, constipation, sleep problems, headaches. I have just noticed that Im starting to have really paranoid thoughts lately. Has anyone else had that? Im happy with my weight loss and now its time to stop taking them. Paranoid thoughts are not fun!

  68. teara says:

    ive been taking it for 3 days i lost 6 pound but i have been up all three day no nap no sleep i chose not to take it today so i can rest im jittery ,face breaking out a bit major dry mouth.the pills are very effective until im 160 iwont stop screw side effects.hopefully with out the pill i can contiue my diet i only eat a bowl or cereal while on the pill per day

    • Virginia says:

      If you are this hard-headed you will probably make a lovely acne scarred 160 pound corpse. Be realistic, listen to your body. Change your diet and exercise – stop taking the poison and ruining your body. If they told you encapsulated drain cleaner would make you lose weight fast, would you do it? Try smoking maybe? I hear cancer will take the weight right off.

  69. Kt says:

    I have been on it for 6 months I started at a low dose and through the months have slowly progressed as it seemed my body became immune to it. So far I lost 75 lbs the weight loss starts to decrease as the months go on but the results are amazing. Taking this was a last resort added to a healthy eating habit. I do not advise taking this if you have not explored other options as I did because of the sever side effects. I personally experienced the dry mouth, sever headaches, sometimes dizziness while I had the headache, increased anxiety and insomnia. The insomnia decreased the longer I was on it and the anxiety comes and goes. I was jittery too in the beginning but I realized I only got it when I didn’t eat enough (aka don’t starve yourself it will help with the side effects). I was wondering if anyone else experiences it but I also get very bad breath from it and I have been having very unusual nightmares.

  70. Victoria says:

    I have been on phentermine for two months now. i have a weird take on it. When i started taking it i lost 7lbs in the first week and then progressed to 12lbs by the end of the first month. when i first started taking it i was on a low calorie diet and i didn’t know of the side effects. I am highly susceptible to allergies food related and non food, i found out about 6months ago that i am allergic to everything outside and everything inside so im just all kinds of messed up to begin with. i get an allergy shot once a week and when i have a reaction to something whether it be a flower or an animal or really can be something i eat i end up with severe migraines and have to miss work for two or three weight loss has stalled because of my allegies, i am unable to keep up with my diet since my allergies trigger migraines i am not allowed to eat anything that has chocolate or aspartame in it. and this is really horrible since everything has either-or, choclate-by-products affect me the same and this make it hard because i havent been able to eat anything for example: candy bars, anything that has aspartame(diet drinks, candy, all chewing gum, those mixes u put in water), any dark soda(caramel color is chocolate by product) and the list goes on. Are there any other diets i can try that doesnt include any of this and wont kill me?

    • Jacque says:

      All of those things listed are bad for your diet anyway so why eat them.phentermine is awesome for a kick start, but it’s not for life, so you really have to make some life eating changes. Instead of those drink options, just drink water..aspartame isnt recommended for anyone. Have you tried stevia as an alternate sweetner? As long as it’s stevia extract or the unprocessed version, it will fill that sweet tooth and it’s keeps your glucose level even all day unlike other sweetners, that give you sugar highs and lows.I’ve been on phentermine for a month and have almost the identical loss as you, but I want to maintain the loss long term, so I made big changes in my diet. And when I hit a weight loss plataeu and
      Found out caffeine and sugar are culprits, I gave up my beloved 20 year coffee habit. After years of half ass dieting, I wanted to make it work this time. Good luck and do a little research on the stevia. Stick with natural foods and give up the items with by products.

    • jen says:

      i first have to say that diets NEVER work. you’ve gotta change your mind set with that. the only thing that EVER works is to change your habits, as a whole, over a long period of time. no quick fixes just a lot of really hard work and buckling down.

      that said…

      you need to start eating whole non processed foods! no ground meats just whole meats… steak, grilled chicken, fish fillets!! lots of veggies and fruits throughout your day and cheese if you can! only real butter not the plastic/margerine spread stuff!! you also need to cut the sugar out!!! processed foods are full of it!! make iced tea if you need something to drink with flavor. i make an herbal iced tea with lots of lemon for flavor and have learned to love it. also, whole grain breads only. check the labels on your bread though because some of the whole grain breads contain tons of sugar to help with flavor!!! pasta is the same way too so be careful!

      i bet you if you cut out all the processed stuff and move to whole foods you’ll notice a big difference and most likely lose weight to boot! i recently moved my family to whole foods and have noticed a marked difference in my children’s behavior and our mood as a whole! my family is much happier.

      it’s definitely tough at first. but once you do it for enough time you’ll find the old foods and drinks you loved so much just don’t taste the same any more. they will taste processed and kinda like crap!! you just have to force yourself to do it. it sucks really really bad at first i won’t lie to ya but the benefits will far out weigh what you go through at first i promise!!

      good luck hon. i hope everything works out with your weight loss goals!

  71. sara says:

    I had gastric bypass in 2001. I was 235 lbs,5’6. I got down to 128 in a year. I stayed between 135-145 until about 3 years ago-now I’m up to 160! i recently tried phentermine, OMG! I went from someone who absolutely loves food and thinks about it all the time to someone who didn’t want to eat ANYTHING! The most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. Unfortunately I’m experiencing signs of an allergic reaction (coughing, hives) and don’t think I can continue. Sooooo disappointed. I stopped after a week of taking 1/2 37.5 pill- I lost 9 lbs! I got another prescription for a different but similar med (bontril). I felt absolutely nothing in regards to appetite suppresion while on this pill. I decided to try taking 1/4 pill per day of the phentermine and see if I can tolerate it. Has anyone else out there experienced constant coughing while on phentermine?

  72. Ross says:

    I have been taking phenteramine for 10 days and for the first few days I felt great. A little mood boost. After a few days I got sick when my wife brought home a cold. I think I’m coming down from it finally but I have been dizzy all of today and yesterday. I also noticed my heartrate seems to stay around 120 bpm. I don’t have chest pains or feel anxious. Should I be worried?

  73. Kitak says:

    Today was day 1 of taking phen I took half a pill at 6am and couldnt sleep after taking, at 7am- I got up full of energy cleaning my home. I love that feeling. 1pm- feeling very angry and irritated. 5pm- feeling drained no energy, still angry with headache….i have experienced dry throat all day, and I cant really eat. I weigh 192lbs 5’2. 155 is ny goal weight

    • jen says:

      you really need to eat!!! even if you don’t want to. it will help your attitude tremendously. also make sure you are drinking A LOT!!! that helps with the headaches. i put myself on a snacking schedule to keep enough nutrition and energy in my body! every time i feed my kids i eat a little something. a piece of turkey bacon, a hard boiled egg… something little!

  74. HEATHA says:


  75. Jill P says:

    Was anyone dealing with depression prior to taking phenteramine? I used phenteramine about 12 years ago. I weighed 217 and lost 51 lbs. Now the meds I take for depression are causing me to gain weight. The only side effect was dry mouth. I now weigh almost 300 lbs, am 5’7′. I’d like to lose 125 lbs and want to take it again. Any thoughts?

    • Olive says:

      I don’t think it is supposed to be taken with other meds. I would suggest you work on one thing at a time. Take care of your mental health first. Once you are feeling better than focus on your weight.

    • jen says:

      unfortunately phen is not supposed to be taken with any type of depression meds. the interaction between the two is not best for your health. one suggestion i have is to try xenadrin… it’s an over the counter weight loss med that i had some pretty good results from right before i started phen. i had lost 5 pounds in a week… not huge but a result none the less! good luck girl. hope things work out for you with your weight loss!!

  76. Nicole says:

    Hi I have been taking phen. 37.5 for almost 2 months now I have lost 30 lbs but I am very irritable and I was wondering if anyone else has this side effect?

    • Olive says:

      I have been on it now for a month now and my moods are horrible. I didn’t even think it had anything to do with the pills until I read what others have noticed. So, yes, definitely.

    • jen says:

      oh yeah… after 2 weeks on phen my 4 year old daughter asked me one morning “mommy are you gonna be mad today” i realized i needed to make sure and eat! that was the key for me and after i started snacking throughout on healthy things like a pice of turkey bacon or a cheese stick it went away completely! for some people though that’s just life on phen.

    • Hailey says:

      I have only been on it for five days and i can tell i get mad about stupid little things very quick.

  77. christie says:

    Im on day two so far the only side effect is its making me sleepy… Im I the only person experiencing this???

    • Alisha says:

      Yes!!!! I slept the first week! I have been taking it for almost 8 months and lost 100 lbs. Have not exercised but found out I have hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto. Now my hair is thinning very fast, weird taste in my mouth, acne, I pick at my skin until it bleeds. I have dizzy spells and feel I’m about to faint. My heart never races. I take 37.5 mg. Crazy mood swings. I cried during VMAs. Who does that? EXTREMELY dry facial skin. I thought it was caused by my thyroid meds. (all listed) Thank God I read this!!! Last pill was today. Yes, on Xanax and zoloft too. Now why did my dr not tell me these things…why didn’t endocrinologist not tell me? Why did my pharmacist not tell me??? So glad I found you guys!

  78. Joanne says:

    This has done wonders for me. I take it around 9 am and find it easy to go to sleep at night, but it also makes it easier to wake the next morning! I usually take a few days a week, spreading it out and it seems to be fine. The days I don’t take it I don’t feel as hungry as I did before. Only side effects for me are dry mouth and a bit excessive talking… But I typically do that anyway. no amount of exercising has given me weight loss like this!!

  79. Lynn says:

    Took for two months and I had a heart attack!
    I am only 51 yrs. old. No prior history of heart or related trouble. The energy is great,
    but the risk is too high! Question your doctor extensively before taking. You take 3 months and then off for two.

  80. Melissa says:

    My boyfriend has been taking the lower dosage for almost 2 months. He is 6’2″ and weighed 360. He lost 14 lbs the first month. His doctor told him when the weight loss stops, he will up him to the next strength. He has had more energy, which helps with working harder and long at the farm. The ONLY bad effect I have noticed is that he FLIPS OUT UNCONTOLLABLY for absoultely everything. I mean to EXTREME, scarey going to destroy something anger. He needs to lose the weight, and he doesn’t want surgery. Suggestions??

    • Melissa says:

      When we don’t eat on schedule, he gets a headache, but the food stops that. He drinks plenty of water and Gatorade. He is at about 335 now. His belts are too big now, all of which we are looking for, but the ANGER issue is a major problem. Do I have the right to talk to his doctor behind his back? My boyfriend doesn’t think there is an issue.

      • Aly says:

        Drink a lot of water, drink orange juice, drink more water, eat a banana. I was feeling so angry today, but I realized that I didn’t drink water like I was supposed to… I had water and OJ and within 20 minutes, I felt fine and my anger went away.

  81. Sarah says:

    Hi all, I’m from the uk, started taking this 4 wkd agoanf at first great, now I just feel like an emotional wreck, I cry for any reason at home, but in work I’m fine. All over the place. Is this normal!?

  82. Alicia says:

    I LOVE THIS DIET PILL!!! One thing that everyone has forgot to mention is EVERYONES BODY IS DIFFERENT! Just because someone claims to have had a heart attack does not mean you will. Nor does it mean that they did not have any undetected pre-existing health conditions prior to the start of taking the pills. I am 28 and I take 37.5 max dose everyday. I have only been taking it for 9 weeks/ a little over TWO MONTHS and have already LOST 44 lbs!!! I have not stepped foot into a gym, NO EXERCISE AT ALL!!! The few negative side effects I had only lasted the first week or two, only dry mouth and trouble sleeping. My SEX DRIVE IS VERY HIGH! All I want to do is have sex! I am always happy and full of energy! I have no appetite so I have to force myself to eat. I eat chicken, tuna, fruit, veggies, salads, yogurt, nuts, and cheese. I could not be happier with the pill!

  83. soonlee says:

    I’ve been on phentermine off and on (more on than off) for 20 years. I am more overweight than I have ever been, even 9 months pregnant. Last year I joined a gym. I work out for an hour everyday. I have not lost one pound. The phenetrmine makes me feel normal. I am addicted. But it no longer helps with hunger. and i worry it has affected my ability to lose weight at all.

  84. RKinSaw says:

    I have been taking for over a month. Have none of the usual side effects. Mine…it always seems like I am smelling chemicals, like wet paint or gas. It is so annoying. Is anyone else having this reaction?

    • Alisha says:

      Yes!!! Me!!! I thought I was going crazy. Forgot to add that to above reply a few posts up. That is neurological. Bad stuff. Just figuring out. I had a friend who was addicted to meth a few years back. She took this and said it made her feel similar and she had hair loss and acne that took forever to clear up. Also tingling in my hands and joint pain.

  85. RRR says:

    I’m 23 years old, and was 35 pounds over weight. I’m on week two. 10mg pills. I’ve lost 10 pounds and I’m feeling very good. I suffer from mild acne, as does my neighbor who started this program at the same time(23yrs old as well), and we have both cleared up completely!

    My diet(daily):
    2 proteins
    2 carbs
    2 fruits
    2 vegetables

    Note: I also take a multi, drink at least 5 water bottles a day, and walk 2 miles 5 days a week w/hand weights.

    The only side effect I’ve experienced is a little dry skin on my neck. But it also just got really hot where I live, so that could be it.

    Good luck to anyone hoping for weight loss =)

  86. mahjong says:

    I took phen for 7mo i had alot of the symptoms shown and now i have edema the swelling of the ankles and feet and dr’s are puzzled if this pill caused it has anyone else gotten this?

    • Mike says:

      swelling of the ankles and feet are a classic cardiac sign. Would get that checked out asap. Not saying it is definitely that but with beginning this medicine and the onset of that, is raising a lot of flags.

  87. Laura says:

    I’m really surprised to learn this. Last year I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to lose weight, no matter how hard I tried. My doctor prescribed my medication for that, and then after the 6 month checkup I had, told me it had reversed and I now had hyperthyroidism, but I was still 60 pounds overweight. He prescribed this to me under the pretenses that it was a nasal decongestant, and it would raise my metabolism a bit. I started taking it about 2-3 weeks ago and didn’t bother to search the drug, even though I had some of the side effects, because I figured it comes naturally with any medicine. It wasn’t until about 3 days ago when I started having these hive looking bumps all over that I finally searched it, because I thought it was a drug allergy. I’m relieved it’s not, but also kind of peeved that my doctor lied to me.
    Oh well, I’ve lost about 10 pounds already.

  88. malissa says:

    y dose this pill make my head itch?

  89. Dee says:

    My doctor asked me to try this b/c he said it helped people who say they don’t have a quantity issue w/ food figure out they do. He prescribed this while we were waiting for thyroid test results and never told me it says NOT to take if you have a thyroid condition. He also never told me the same for diabetes and I have PCOS and am insulin-resistant. It screwed me up chemically. I have been severely depressed since February. I cannot sleep without medication and I have been having severe headaches, heart palpitations, hallucinations at night, weird dreams, and it has exacerbated all these other symptoms of hypothyroid and PCOS that I was having. The jitters and nausea, and fight or flight is the worst. I have been chemically imbalanced, manic, crying all the time for four months now. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG unless you are in good health and you KNOW you overeat. If you have anything metabolic going on, DO NOT TAKE THIS or you will regret it.

  90. Jenn says:

    I have been taking half pill for two months ..lot 6 lbs..with exercise… I Have noticed muscle TWITCHING only in my right arm. is this from the pills? its annoying… I LOVE the energy and the sense of well being. I can handle the dry mouth.. hate insomnia. I went off the pills for about a week. Bowel movements came back, sleep came back, cravings came WAY back…NEEDED SWEETS at all times.. than became bummed.. My real question is about the muscle twitches or spasms? Anyone experience them?

    • Judy says:


      I experienced twitching in my leg and it got so bad it got painful. A friend recommended bananas being that Phen robs your system of calcium and potassium. when I started eating a banana a day sometimes two it went away and i never had twitching again

  91. Travis says:

    Some of the serious side effects listed are not really that serious. Such as fatigue, if you have fatigue from Phentermine then I guarantee you have irritability, clumsiness, and insomnia which are the common and non dangerous side effects. If you are not sleeping then you are going to be tired(fatigue). Lack of sleep(insomnia) can also cause headaches, dizzyness, confusion, restlessness(after you do actually sleep), weakness, depression, constipation. Cardiac valvular disease was not proven nor was it dismissed as caused by Phentermine. When Fen-Phen was available 113 people were found to have CVD and none of the patients took Phentermine alone and their are also no other cases of people that had this disease and was linked to the phentermine. I am not saying phentermine cannot cause this, I am saying if it was found to cause CVD then the FDA would have shut down production of phentermine just like they did Fen-Phen. Also CVD is hereditary, Doctors just got lucky when they discovered Fen-Phen caused it. Pulmonary Hypertension has only been a side effect to patients that have taken Phentermine for long periods of time and could also be linked to the pulmonary Hypertension. Now for the Impotence or low libido, who would want sex when you have insomnia. Also the survival mode the article talks about is probably true and would explain the cause of some other side effects. Smaller veins caused by the survival mode would cause decreased oxygen flow especially to extremities and lips causing your lips to turn blue and your fingers and toes to turn white. Survival mode could also cause you to be irritable, poor urination, constipation, insomnia, confusion, rapid heart rate and more. All of the endorphins your body will be getting will make you feel better since they are a natural pain killer, but endorphins are also what gave doctors the idea to synthesize a drug called morphine. Morphine on long term use(more than a few weeks in this case) can cause an addiction. Your body WILL notice what is giving off the endorphins and will want you to keep taking it. Endorphins don’t just kill pain but they also make you feel good, and feeling good is what your body wants. Your body knows best, so it wants you to take it more. Unfortunately your body does not know best because your body cannot detect what causes the other side effects from survival mode. So in reality your body does not know whats best. Overactive reflexes could also be caused by the survival mode or it could be caused by the restlessness. In any natural survival mode you wouldn’t have restlessness and fatigue(the adrenaline and endorphins would take care of that) so survival mode and those two would not go together, but Phentermine is not natural so who knows.

    As for me, I have insomnia, fatigue, dizzyness, restlessness, and bad taste in mouth(rare for me).
    I think nobody should have a lot of caffeine while on this either because it will make you really jittery and can make your insomnia worse. The caffeine mixed with the Phentermine would most likely cause increased heart rate and headaches. People could also take a NATURAL multivitamin(And I really mean natural, no synthetic). Synthectic vitamins are hardly absorbed in a body its 0%-20%, never any more than that. Organics are the best as you will absorb 80%-100% of the vitamins. The Nutrilite brand is the best because they are probably the only brand that you will absorb 100%. Anyways, The multivitamin will help you with some of these symptoms.

    Sorry if there are a lot of mistakes, I am on 19 hours of no sleep right now and still not able to sleep. Something I don’t entirely mind because I can get a lot more done.

    There are aids to help you sleep though, Melatonin, an natural sleep aide. Relaxing teas, like chamomile. Do not sweeten your tea and make sure it has low caffeine or no caffeine. Red tea has no caffeine and green tea has low caffeine. Also nutrilite has a Valerien and Hops sleep aide bottle of pills. Its all natural and organic just like everything else they sell.

    Hope everyone finds this helpful

    P.S. Comment on this post if you would like further contact.

  92. sarah says:

    after you stop how long do the hunger cravins stay with you or do they subside eventually

  93. Jenn says:

    any one experience muscle twitching..only on my right arm…?

  94. Lily says:

    DO NOT TAKE THIS PILL! I’ve been takeing rhis pill for 3 weeks and suffered from rage issues, memory loss and constipation, the worse part is I havent lost a pound. If you really want to lose weight, exersize and eat right.

    • Sophia says:

      Lily, I, too, have not lost much weight, and work like heck to lose any. But it has given me energy when I have had none for 113 years, and I love that. However, I do not sleep well, and am still able to get through the following day well. I fear I am addicted at this point.

  95. Melissa says:

    I just started taking this pill 5 days ago. My Dr wants me to try it 5 days on, 2 days off for 4 weeks. He said if you do it like he says then you won’t plateau- or not as quickly.
    I woke up this AM with swollen ankles and my hands feel (but don’t really look) swollen. This is listed as a SEVERE side effect and I am to discontinue meds and call my Dr.
    I am really sad! I was hoping this little pill would help me in ways that no other diet ever could by giving me some will power. I just hope I don’t have to quit taking it. Maybe the swelling is unrelated to the pills. I do have other meds I’m taking. And my Blood pressure is still great.
    If I do have to discontinue the Phentramine, I am going to ask him to put me on Straterra. I took it a couple years ago for my ADD and it killed my appetite. I lost about 20 pounds back then and kept it off until recently.
    So tonight, I’m gonna get some good sleep and pray that my ankles are back to normal when I get up tomorrow. ) Good night!

  96. soso says:

    I’m Taking it for almost 15 days, I lost about 8 pounds in 10 days i was 149 and now i’m 142, but for 5 day not losing any i stoped at 142 and i’m not eating mush don’t know why not losing more, any Suggestions?

  97. Donna says:

    I’ve read alot of these posts and i would just like to say…Not everyone is the same not everyone has the same reactions thats why its call possible side effects. If it doesn’t make you feel right then dont take them. I don’t know about everyone else but i always check the side effects of any medication that I am prescribed. If you get jittery then try taking half in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. I really don’t think that this medication should be prescribed to people unless they are in the obese bracket. I weighed 250lbs and I’m now nearing the 100s which is amazing for me. But for anyone taking or thinking about taking phentermine, make sure you know all the side effects, your BP is checked routinely, and tell you doctor about any side effects.

  98. wendy says:

    My husband has been taking it for 1 1/2 months now. He is very irritable, gets mad easily over minor issues. He is not the same person. Yes he is losing weight, but at what cost? We aren’t even speaking right now because he is so mean and hateful all day. He is having episodes of rage, mania…cleaning non-stop. His behavior change is so drastic that it concerns me that he will have major problems from taking it. I wish he never even put one pill in his mouth.

  99. Jennifer says:

    I have been taking it for a few months. I lost 40 lbs. Latley I have been having reactions to the sun and my nose is red and swollen. Has anyone else experienced this?

  100. New to adipex says:

    My body is very sensitive so I have only taken 1/2 tablet every 3rd day….for a total of 1 tablet…makes me feel a little sick so I don’t want to eat as much…I actually find it to calm my mind down… head feels clearer and I can breathe better—which feels great…..the only thing I don’t like so far is my temples feel funny….like someone is putting pressure on them…anyone know why? ….my blood pressure stays on the lower side…pulse rate is fine too…

  101. Dee says:

    This is my 8th week on Phenterine 30 mgs. I’m 50 – 5’6″ and started at 216.5. I’ve lost 21 lbs. I want to lose down to 150. I feel good but I have noticed being more irritable as has my husband. It’s not too bad and I usually notice it right away and apologize for being a beotch. Dry mouth is the biggest side effect for me. Some days a slight headache but not too bad. If I drink more water it helps or it is usually time to eat something. Not able to drink caffeinated drinks! Don’t even taste good and before the pill I drank 2 cups coffee every morning and a diet drink or 2 each day and then tea with dinner. I’m only drinking water (lots of it), juices and milk now. I have also just in the past week noticed some fatigue especially in the evenings. I take my pill usually by 5:30am. I was scolded by my doctor on my first mnthly visit because I wasn’t eating my 1000 calories a day as prescribed. I just wasn’t hungry. As she explained to me if you eat less than 800 calories a day your body thinks you are dying and will begin to store the fat and you won’t lose. She directed that I eat no less then 900-1000 calories a day which I’ve done since my appmt and I’ve actually been losing more steadily. Some days I was only eating 650 – 800 calories. Hoping I don’t have any of the side effects/allergies mentioned above. All the posts were very informative. No weight loss is worth heart problems. I started this program through the Medical Weight Loss Program through my doctor’s office. It was either this or high blood pressure meds because of my weight and inactivity. I now crave a good walk or workout instead of food! Wishing us all good luck and good health!

  102. Michael says:

    It is very interesting reading all of the posts here on this message board. I have seen so many posts about people who weigh 150 to 175 who are taking this to lose a few pounds. For you guys, there has to be a better way.

    I am a 47 yo man who is 6 ft 5 and weighed in at 380, BMI of 46. A full checkup and bloodwork showed that I am in good health with no major issue except the weight. I have been on this for around 3 weeks. I am not sure how much I have lost but I know for a fact that I have. My ‘fat clothes’ are not fitting like they used to. I make it a point to force myself to eat 1000 calories a day.

    I am experiencing side effects like almost eveyone who take a perscribed drug. The differences for me are that I can focus better, I no longer have the 2:00 mid afternoon low point, I am not driven by the need to eat. I have also found that my body is already changing how it is reacting to certain kinds of food. That is not a bad thing. I full well understand that there are day to day choices that I made in how I eat that lead me to this point.

    I feel that this drug is not for people who need to lose a few pounds. It is certainly helping me change lifestyle, a key component to weight loss.

    I agree with some of the posts I read asking if a few pounds is worth the side effects. In that case, it is not. Like all drugs, there is a time and a place and a situation in which they are warranted. I feel that my Dr was responsible in how he prepared and handled this for me. I was advised that I can quit at any time and that the drug does not build up in the bloodstreamm. Unlike alot, I have not set a weight # for myself. I would be happy to get back to 350, esctatic to get to 325 and a truly changed person to get back to 300. In the end, the concern in my overall health, not how I look.

  103. Karen says:

    I have fibromuscular dysplasia of the kidneys Naarrowing of the artteries. Should I be taking phentramine? I have been on37.5 for a month, not too many side effects

  104. Crystal says:

    I went back to my old Dr from when I was a kid,mind you the only reason I stopped going to him was because he was no longer in my network.Anyway,I am 34,mother of two,wife and work full time 8:30-5,I have always struggled with my weight its just that now after having my kids there is no way to get the weight off.No I have not tried to work out,I have a gym membership but no time in my day for me.I know we are to take care of us moms and wifes too but please when does it actually happen?Anyway,went to the dr for my migraines that I have been having like when I was younger,they subsided but its like after having my son they were triggered,so I went to the dr for migraines and to discuss my weight.2 weeks prior to my appt I stopped drinking pop,eating fast food and snacking on crap and late night meals.He said since I already made a change that he would put me on the phentermine but he ordered blood work first.It came back that I am lacking Vitamin D.I take one 5000IU a day with the Phentermine in the morning, at night I take Elavil, I was on Zoloft for 6yrs so the Elavil is to sort of replace that and also to help my IBS that I have. I am 5’8 and weighed 252 and am a DDD in the chest,after 8 weeks I am down 23lbs and feel good but have another 30 to go within the next month and a half.I have dry mouth,insomnia and constipation, but,I have also changed my diet and am adding 25grams of fiber each day.It is not something that I want to stay on and I knew going in that it was only for 3 months, I go back to the doc in 2 weeks and need to discuss with him about preparing to come off of it.I will do my darndest to not gain back the weight, I have a mind set with food now, it is my fuel!Best of luck to all who are on it.Prepare yourself before you get on it, this is not for just a quik fix or to get into those size 8 jeans instead of the size 10 you are in.

  105. Jenn says:

    has anyone tried the HCG drops? any thoughts?!

  106. Jenece says:

    I dont know what all of u are talking about. I have been on theae pills the highest dose for 3 months and I dont have any complications. I feel great and im losing weight. I take my vitamins and eat right and I feel great! Friends use it as well and no complaints from them either. I agree u should have a full physical first.

  107. Aly says:

    I took my first Phentermine capsule this morning at 9 am. I forgot that I was only supposed to take 15 MG so I accidentally started with 30 MG, but not extended release. By 7 PM I still felt jittery, and then got a headache and sweat horribly (as if I did a 45 minute incline cardio). I had to put the AC on 69! I sat down for a minute and thought about my day and realized I barely drank any water. I called my doctor this evening and he said to drink a glass of orange juice and drink water. After 1 small water bottle, and a glass of orange juice, and 1 Advil, I feel a world of a difference. I had coffee this morning with a banana, took the pill, drank a bottle of water, nothing until later that day and stupid me I had a Starbucks decaf drink instead of drinking water, then had iced-tea, instead of drinking water. Had a vegi sushi roll, some yogurt and a few pieces of meat…but it wasn’t until I had the orange juice and water that I felt better. If you feel jittery and sick, drink a glass of orange juice, drink some water. Also remember that some people’s liver enzymes break down the ingredients differently, so in some people the medication lasts a little longer in the system. A good doctor will actually prescribe you the right way which is to start you on 15 MG for a week then gradually work you up to the full pill. According to the government, this is not to be used for more than a certain amount of time. The point of this pill is to jump start a proper healthy lifestyle. You are supposed to use the fact that you don’t have an appetite to figure out a proper meal plan and get used to. It’s also to get you some energy so you feel inclined to work out. The goal is by 6 weeks that, regardless of weight loss, you have become disciplined and used to a good healthy eating plan and exercise plan. That way, when you get off the medication, you are still exercising and your body is used to eating at certain times and no longer having cravings when you aren’t supposed to. Also this pill isn’t causing Lupus or cancer or anything else. It’s coincidental. Just remember that when you take something like this, you are super sensitive so you notice things more, that you might not notice if kept doing what you did before. As I lose weight, I notice things about my body that I didn’t before because eating without thinking, gaining weight and all these things cause serious damage. Lupus is genetic, Phentermine did not cause that. As someone stated earlier, since this magnifies things, if you have certain pre-existing conditions like seizures, diabetes, you should be very careful or not take it. That’s all I have to say for now.

  108. MeMyselfandI says:

    Ive been taking the pills for about 2 months now and I havent had any side effects i get headaches because the heat and occasionally stay up all night but thats normal for me even before I started taking it. So I dont think its all bad

    • EastBound and Down :) says:

      I agree! I just started taking this pill on Saturday, 1-21-12. I’d say dry mouth was about the only issue I’ve had. Otherwise, DANG! It’s about time I started thinking about other things throughout the day besides food. Complete hunger stopper; however, I know enough about nutrition that I am not starving myself. First four days eating what I always have…breakfast, lunch, snack, and sensible dinner. BUT I no longer need to eat the treats in the back room at work….or binge at night when I’m watching tv on leftover Christmas candy I’m a 26 year-old, athletic female who has always worked out, 4 to 6 days per week, BUT the difference now is I am not eating like crap.

      QUESTIONS THOUGH: Need some ideas to go #2. I’m not real happy that I haven’t been able to go. I take Super B Complex and Vitamin D daily….otherwise, I don’t know what else to do here folks. A little help would be nice

      FYI: Low-Carb can ALSO mean a diet with a fruits, whole grains, dairy, and lean protein. Just limit one meal with brown rice or whole wheat bread, incorporate one or two fruits, and you’re golden. Especially if you work out frequently….you need those to get the fat burnin’

      • EastBound and Down :) says:

        That FYI was just a shoutout to everyone who keeps saying low-carb… don’t HAVE to stick to just CHEESE, MEATS, and EGGS. In the long run, that won’t be sustainable for a lifestyle.

      • Pure Michigan says:

        Hi EastBound! I just started taking phentermine on 1-25-12. Haven’t had the constipation problems, but have had dry mouth and headaches. Agree with the diet comments you’ve made. Have to be smart! For your #2 problem, I would recommend Miralax (available OTC). My husband uses this and it works like a charm. Also, have a friend that uses senna smooth move tea (available at health food stores) and she loves it – takes at night, wakes up and goes. good luck!

  109. Loving me! says:

    I have been taking Phentermine 37.5, for a year now with breaks every 12 weeks for 4-6weeks. My doctor sees me every month to monitor me. Last year when I started I weighed 220 lbs I now weigh 162. My goal was 145 but my doctor suggested 150 was more suitable for my body type.(I am 5’7″). The only side effect I have had is dry mouth, which is not that bad of a side effect especially since I need to drink more water any how. I have been on a low carb diet, I did try the low fat and was not successful on it. I have also not deprived myself of everything just keeping things in moderation. I believe without this pill and my doctors support I will still be fighting obesity..

    • D-Nice says:

      Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. I was browsing the comments and eventually had to scroll to the bottom. I have been on this for 3 months and have lost 40 lbs. The only side effect I have is dry mouth as well. Some of these posts stating to “stay away” are a little extreme especially with some users only knowing someone that has taken the Rx not even being prescribed the Rx themselves. I recommend it if your Dr. prescribes it. Of course do all of the necessary preliminary steps first i.e., blood work and physical.

  110. Bruce says:

    Hi, Everybody. My wife and I used Phentermine about 1.5 years ago and each of us took off maybe 35 pounds. We seperated last winter and my wife got another script for it. She took her own life in May. In her recent notes (no exact date) she wrote the following: “After off it for one week, I realize that I hadn’t done things that I thought I’d done. It distorts rational thinking. I felt like every little thing was a crisis that must be averted.” She may have been paranoid/schizophrenic, but in years of therapy it was never diagnosed, so can’t really be sure.
    When we both took it over a year ago, we didn’t really have any major side affects. I know that my wife’s level of stress at the time of her suicide was extreme. She was very agitated/manic/’freaked’ in her last week, but I am NOT dismissing that the phentermine likely exascerbated her anxiety and mania, and contributed to her loss of rationality. Yeah, I know there were a LOT of contributing factors in her decision to ‘leave’, but each of those factors has some accountability to answer for.
    YOU BE CAREFUL with this drug! ESPECIALLY going off of it! Regardless of your state of mental or emtional or physical health BE CAREFUL AND ***TELL SOMEONE WHAT YOU’RE DOING*** so that if you begin to behave erradically they *might* be able to intervene before it’s too late.
    Even though we were separated I still loved her deeply. She was not herself that last week, but I could only offer my support over the phone because I was OOT on business and although upset, she didn’t give me any indications that she might harm herself. Had I any of those indications I would certainly have taken action, if not for her sake, then for the sake of our three boys that were living with her at the time. I have yet for her therapist OR her prescribing MD to return my vmx messages! BE CAREFUL WITH PHENTERMINE – whatever your circumstance!!

  111. lilly says:

    I have taken 37.5 of phentermine on and off for a little over a year. The main side effect for me is being awake- even while i am sleeping i hear my internal thoughts, dreams, etc.. only while I sleep. During the day I am a bit jittery the first few days and may get an occassional headache. Short term memory loss is something I am noticing as I had not had this before and that is a bit scary….I think if you have other medical conditions, this is not the pill for you as you can see there are serious side effects from it which may be enhanced by taking phentermine.

  112. Shannon says:

    I just started Phen 37.5 last week. The biggest problem for me has been the restless legs, insomnia, and I sweat ALL THE TIME. My doc was very thorough prior to giving me a script. She wanted 4 wks of diet and exercise tracking as well as warned me of side effects and drug interactions (I already had a problem with insomnia and anxiety). I have had more energy and feel like I’ve lost a couple of pounds. She was very specific that I could only take this for 3 months on then 3 months off.

  113. Kat says:

    I was given this by my endocrine doctor to see if I could lose a little weight. I took it for a few days. Had the worst headaches of my life. Nauseous, jittery, and had tremors. I couldn’t sleep and felt like I was having an out of body experience. I don’t drink caffeine and exercise 4-5 times a week with Turbofire. I think I’ll just stick with diet and exercise, even though it’s not working for me. Anyway bottom line is it will work differently for everyone depending on your lifestyle and other medications, or illnesses. I’m just sharing mine.

  114. Joe says:

    Been on phen for 10 weeks. Lost 17 lbs the first 3 weeks, have lost a total of 47 lbs since getting on it and changing my eating habits. High protein low carb diet. Eat alot of meat, cheese, and boiled eggs. Total lost of weight, I had lost some before the phen, is 70 lbs going from 285 to 215. It’s not that hard if you have the right mindset.

  115. LittleMiss says:

    I’ve been taking this med for about a month now and only lost 9 pounds but I’m pretty sure it’s because I started out with 15mg and my doctor just upped it to 30mg. Hopefully I’ll be losing more after I start taking the higher dosage. The only side effect I’ve been having is difficulty sleeping which might be enough for me to quit if I don’t lose more weight. This is in addition to working out as well. Although some of these comments and reading reviews other places scare me I feel as though my doctor did good by starting me out low to see how I reacted to the med. I hope all goes well with everybody!

  116. sallll says:

    Hi I have been taking phen for 10 days and missed a period so done a preg test well 4 actually and they were all positive, does phen contain anything that would give me a false result??? or is this genuine? please help

  117. Amanda says:

    Hello I have been taking phen for 3 weeks now and lost 17 lbs. I have had no problems up until last week . I can not go to the bathroom on my own and it is really staring to scare me. I told the dr that I have to take lax in order to go. The dr advise to eat dried prunes and that will work. So far I have been eating dry prunes and NOTHING. I really want to contiune because I am 5 feet and stared off 180 lbs and I now weight 163. I have at lease another 45 pounds to loose and this pill is the only thing that has helped. Does any have any advise for me to help go to the bathroom

  118. Helen says:

    At 45, all my old weight loss techniques have stopped working. I need to lose 75 and got very depressed. Started phen two weeks ago. Even though I don’t crave any food, my plan is to use this time to relearn how to eat 5 small, healthy meals a day. I also walk an hour, five days a week, which has really helped with the depression. The side effects have not been bad except that I clench my jaw a lot and have neckaches. Is this a common side effect?

  119. Maggie says:

    For leg cramps and restless leg, take 500mg of magnesium every night before bed. This also helps with constipation. Fiber One cereal has the highest amount of fiber and with some fruit is very good. I have some health issues but my doc said I would be o.k. with the 37.5 phen. Today is the first day. I did have the sweats but no appetite. I also made a pepperoni bread today..just because. I gave most of it away. Had two small pieces this a.m. and am still not hungry. Lotsa water. I need to lose 80lbs or so. Hypothyroidism is my bane for not being able to lose. I sure hope this phen helps. I am desparate.

    • Becky says:

      I saw your post on Sept. 9th on taking phentermine. I’m thinking about taking it. How are you doing now after using it for a month?

      Thanks for your response!

  120. Evidence-Based says:

    I am taking phentermine for ADHD…

    I can see why it can cause all kinds of bad side effects: it’s a stimulant. Stimulants make your heart beat faster, your body work harder and your brain release chemicals to help you go faster… it’s like a mega-version of caffeine.

    That being said, don’t take it WITH caffeine (that’s what I’ve been doing and it’s NO good!): they are both designed to stimulate your body and too much stimulation can over-work you.

    Know this: if you maintain a “bad” diet, phentermine will likely make you sick. This is because if you’re overweight, chances are your diet consists of lots of stimulant-type foods (food high in fat, sugar or other chemicals)… Therefore, if you keep eating them at the same amounts you always have AND you take phentermine, you are going to over-stumulate your body and you’ll feel miserable!

  121. kk says:

    I have been on this medicine for 3 weeks. Even though i am just starting out on the 15 mg i am still losing enough weight to count. lost 10 pounds the first week. however, i have noticed i am not falling to sleep easy like i used to and even when i sleep, i feel as if i haven’t. i also have a seriously decreased libido. As for any other side effects, i have not stopped itching the last 2 and 1/2 weeks.i itch so bad that i end up scratching till i bleed. i don’t know if this is a side effect or not cause im not seeing any rash or swelling. just itching all over. can anybody tell me if they experienced the same thing cause it’s driving me nuts!

    • susan says:

      I just started taking this med today, and i noticed that i could not stop scratching my inner leg right about my knee.

  122. soso says:

    Hi I’m taking it now for 3 month,i was 150 and i’m 130. i have Qiestion now i have problem losing hair do you think it may be from it?
    anyone facing same problem? i realy dont know if losing hair one of the side effect.

    • dawn says:

      hi i am having the same problem but i put it down to my other tablets i was on untill my friend told me her hair fell out when she took this tablet as well….

  123. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been on it for 4 weeks going on 5 and I’m only losing maybe a pound a week. I’m hardly eating and I drink tons of water. I’m losing inches like crazy. I’ve gone from my 12-14′s down to my 10′s in this time, but only lost 6lbs. This last weigh in I haven’t lost one pound. I actually gained 3/4 of a pound. The other thing that has happened and I don’t know if there are any ladies that has had this experience, but I’ve also been on my period for 4 weeks now and I’m on the pill. I have an appointment with OBGYN in a couple of weeks. I just don’t understand why I haven’t lost a lot of weight? Any one experience any of these things?

  124. Chantel says:

    I have been taking Phen for about 1 1/2 weeks so far 8.6 pounds down. No Craving, rarely want to eat, sometime i have to remind myself. But the only problem i am having, is i am so fraking tired after 12pm when taking the pill around 9, i get so tired i cant keep my eyes open. Do you think that is from the pill or me just not eating enough. But i do eat really healthy fruit veggie dairy meat grains you name it, but why i am so tired

  125. Jo says:

    Been on phentermine for about 6 mo. or so. Recently began losing my hair like CRAZY!!!!!! Anyone else experience this? Other than dry mouth, this is the only side effect I have really noticed. Would appreciate anyone’s advice/feedback about this hair loss problem: Thanks for your time.

    • kt says:

      The same thing happened to my sister when she lost a lot of weight rapidly. You may want to get your iron and potassium checked. One she reached her goal and was steady on her weight her hair grew back

    • D.termined says:

      Started the pill in Feb and I weighed 163. Down to 138 by July. My doc combined the pill with 10 mg of Prozac and lipo shots. Live the results. My goal is to go down to 120. Stopped the pills during the summer and just started again yesterday. Gained, or rather flactuated, 3-5 pounds while off the pill and I’m not excercising. My hair has started to fall like there is no tomorrow and that’s the only side effect that really bothers me. The first few days after I started the pill I was bouncing off the wall. My doc prescribed Xanex for the first 10 days to help w the sleep which I never ended up taking.
      My thing is, I started this treatment by choice and can and will stop it by choice if it gets too much! So I won’t whine about the side effects as between losing sleep n being overweight n unhealthy, I will pick the first choice.

    • SM says:

      From what I have found it’s a lack of nutrients that causes hair loss. It happened to me when I lost weight rapidly on Jenny Craig too. Look up hair loss on webMD. They give a list of foods that would balance your nutrition for hair loss. I’ve added additional vitamins to my regime and am trying eat more whole foods. I’ve noticed significant hair thinning but I know it’s not permanent. I have lost 40 lbs. in 5 months with hair loss being the only noticeable side effect – which is due to the nutrition rather than the med.

  126. Gail says:

    Hello, I am 62 yrs old and I experienced about 1st month Constipation reported to doctor and he gave me samples of of fiber that wouldn’t work for days, then you end up with stomach pains, so I had to use other means to go to bathroom, I started going to bed after midnight, when usually I was in bed between 10-11PM, I also experience blury vision, headached and light headness and Swollen Feet. Sometimes & felt nausea and dry mouth.
    Went to Dr. about swollen feet and sends me for vein test and says it’s circulatory problems and I had to buy Contraction Stockings @ $14 per pair for $28 plus tax. Doctors will try and sell as much RX as they can. They really don’t look into patient. But let me tell you, I have printouts of side effects and will challange him when I go next which is on 10-29-11. I am off the pill now. One thing leads to another and then another. I don’t want it. Weight Watchers is a better way to go takes time and works. Everything works if you put mind to it. I have been lacking in that category/

  127. Becca says:

    I just started taking this 5 days ago, and I am never hungry. It is hard to eat. I am a person who has always got a lot of sleep, and that still hasn’t changed.I haven’t felt the extra energy and still manage naps. I have lost about 8 lbs. I am very scared of losing my hair because I know I have not been getting the nutrients my body needs. I am going to the store to get vitamins and look for protein shakes/bars so I can get the calories in. Also my left eyelid started twitching when I started and has slowly bothered me more and more. I didn’t really even connect it to this medicine till today. I have dry mouth. I used to drink lots of water before this pills and stopped drinking soda about a month prior to starting the pill (I never really felt the energy from caffeine, just loved Dr. Pepper). I guess I drink less water because I am never hungry. I guess I used to drink more water before to hope it would help with the hunger.

    I am about 5’5″ and started at 238lbs. I have never weighed this much and it was taking from my life value because I do not even like to go out in public any more. I am only 21yrs old. This is supposed to be the most memorable time of my life. All I do is go to work and only really see family. I got up to 190lbs as a teenager and did L.A. Weightloss and got down to 155lbs. It made me eat less (I am a very picky eater) and that made my stomach shrink, helping me keep the weight off. It was for my senior year of high school and it was one of the best years of my life. I kept it off for a while. I started gaining after I stopped working and haven’t maintained a weight since then.Just been gaining over the past few years.

    My whole family is bigger. Especially after 35. I am afraid if I can’t get it off now, I never will. So I heard about this from my cousin and we are both doing it.

    She started about a month before me and lost 7lbs the first week, and 10lbs total the first month. At first she said she was bouncing off the walls. After the first week, she said she noticed she was easily irritable. She believes it’s from lack of sleep. She has had some neck pain recently, and just found out she has the stomach flu. I’ll try to check back in. I really like the weight loss so far though.

    • Becca says:

      So I lost about 10 lbs. that first week, and i have really been stuck around there. I think it is because my body is in “starvation mode” because I still have really been slacking on eating enough calories. It is so hard to eat when I am not the least bit hungry. But I make myself eat to take vitamins so I don’t get a stomach ache. I think the vitamins have really helped. My eye doesn’t twitch anymore. I still really have a lack of energy, which is probably because I am not eating enough. I go back to the Dr. Nov. 14. So I guess I’ll see what else happens.

    • Tabby says:

      I have been taking 37.5 for about 2 months now. I was at 240 now I am 190. My family Doctor prescribed these pills but first he made me go through a complete physical heart and all my organs were checked prior to taking these pills. My doc even made me get tested for diabetes. All tests came back as good health no problems. My doctor see’s me every month and tests my heart rate and checks for swelling.
      He also told me the secret to losing weight with this pill is the more you make yourself eat the more you lose. He said it is something in the blue crystals that absorb all the fat you take in. First month I lost 10 now 20 pounds a month doing as he said. I eat 3 good meals a day and snack in between. I do eat healthy foods, I gave the junk food up. I am almost at the end of my 3rd month, I never have trouble sleeping or have side effects. Most importantly my doctor monitors me very closely.

      • Becca says:

        I just went Monday for my first monthly check up. I asked her about why some doctors switch people on and off. She told me their doctors probably do not keep an eye on how it is effecting them and their body’s. The only thing that was a bit high was my heart rate. (but I think it’s because I was excited about my weight loss for the month.) I lost 16 lbs the first month. I do not take the medicine everyday, but my stomach has shrunk so much, I am never really hungry anyways. The days I don’t take it, I usually have a dr. pepper. I still take the vitamins I got almost everyday. My bowel movements have not been normal. I took some fiber pills (expecting constipation), but i did not need them. My bowel movements were not at all solid. So after a few days, I stopped the fiber pills. My bowel movements still are not at all solid though. Its been a month. It is not diarrhea, and the times I go are still regular for me. I think next time I go in for my monthly visit, I am going to ask if they still aren’t solid. I haven’t read about anybody else with this problem, so maybe it’s what I am eating.

        • Chrissy82 says:

          @ Becca That is amazing to hear:-) I’ve just started phentamine on 1/14 weighting 252 I’ve been over weight for all my adult years and I’ve never found anything that takes my appetite away until now…. Im now 244 but I haven’t slept more then 2-3 hours each day if that and my mouth is so dry and my throat hurts really bad. I love that its working for me I have no urge to eat any of the food I use to witch makes me very happy and I have a lot of energy witch my children love but I don’t think I can deal with this soar throat . Do anyone no what I could do about other then stopping the phentamine I’m sick of being in the over 200 club:-(…… Reading Becca post gave me so much hope that I can do this I really want to enjoy a good summer with my kids….
          Thank you

      • Chrissy82 says:

        @ Tabby I meant to respond to your post i think you are doing an amazing job WOW I wish that I could lose that much that’s great do you have any advise about my soar throat?……

  128. Annie says:

    Please be careful. Follow the restrictions and guidelines. I had a seizure/fainting spell last week as a result of the phentermine (half tab).

    I took the pills successfully several months ago and went from 155ish to 136. I am short so it shows, even a few pounds. The only side effects I had then were occasional sweats, and NO appetite. I had some caffeine cravings but really not much else.

    Then, I waited almost 2 months and was prescribed again (i took it for 4 months the first time). I was taking a half pill and noticed the jitters and almost a mini-panic attack thing going on…didnt investigate UNTIL I was involved in a car accident after taking a half pill a few weeks ago. I had a seizure/blackout while driving. Seriously scary and now I cant drive for several months until I can prove no more seizures. I am not taking the meds and have been feeling great – will keep you updated.

    This stuff works but at what cost to your health??

    • Nita says:

      This happen to me last week I been on and off for three yrs I love my life to go back and take more no no I have kids to live for.

    • amy says:

      Annie. Iv also been taking it for abt. Two months now. My wt. Was 200.4, but now 182.for de past few days iv been feeling horrible. There is this ugly taste in my mouth, rapid heart beat, dizziness, a little irritability n loss of appetite. I m stopping it till I cee my DOctor on Monday.

    • Rolonda says:

      tomorrow will be my second week on 37.5. But i had to check today because i had coffee for the second time in a week and oh boy! DO NOT DRINK CAFFEINE WITH THIS! The first week I had the normal side effects of insomnia, headaches, blurred vision, and racing around, but this week I was Just fine until I started again with the coffee. Makes my heart race, blurred my vision, and oh my goodness, try to get up and you will want to sit back down. Helps with libido, and menopause symptoms! I started at 181 and I am now 171.8 about 36.8 pounds to go. I usually walk my dogs in the AM for 30-35 min and eat right. Ok, I rarely eat because I’m not hungry. It does work!

      • Stephanie says:

        Rolonda… you said this was your 2nd week on meds?!? You lost 10 lbs in 1 week?!? I’m on my 3rd day and am still eating the same amount as before!! I’m on 37.5 and weigh 168! I have felt fine so far (no different from any other diet pill from GNC!!) but I have been cold!! Almost like I’m running a fever!!

        • lovey6637 says:

          dont worry it dose work last year i started it and was size 16 lost down to 7 i stoped it and i am at a 12 i am fixing too start them one more time

      • Sarah says:

        I have lost almost 15 pounds in two weeks. The only side effects I had for the first week and a half was insomnia and a weird taste in my mouth. The insomnia has subsided but since Saturday I have felt like I am going to pass out at any minute! I have extreme blurred visiion headache and nausea…. Does anyone know if it will eventually go away as our body adapts? Today has been the worse day. I go back to the Dr next week.

  129. safi says:

    Hello, i took it for 4 month and now i stoped it but i’m sceard that i gain what i lost any suggestions plz?

  130. Monica says:

    I just started taking this yesterday. (1/2 pill)What I have noticed is I had trouble sleeping last night. Along with hot flashes and chills. Also, very thirsty. Not sure if they are because of the pills or not.

    • safi says:

      yes it is from the pill you don’t get enough sleep and you get thirsty like your mouth will be dry. just drink alots of water

  131. charity says:

    hello! i’ve been on adipex for 3 days now.. the first 2 days i took half the pill and noticed not much of a difference. today was my first day of taking the full pill, and i was bouncing off the walls! i felt jittery, my heart felt a little racing, and i had some trouble falling and staying asleep! is this normal side affects? will it change as i adapt? someone pleaseee respond.

    • Jennifer says:

      You will adapt. My first day I hated the way I felt. I was almost ready to stop taking them. Now the only side effect I still have is dry mouth. If your heart continues to race then I would stop taking them.

    • Kathy says:

      I have been excercising later at night and wearing myself out so that I can sleep. It helps the sleep and the weight comes off faster.

  132. Brenda says:

    I just went to a diet doctor today. She was rude and arrogant because she was totally focused on selling me fat burning shots at 24.00 per shot. I felt like a train had hit me financially when I left. I got the phentermine 37.5 and some brief instructions. I have high blood pressure, hypothyrodism and diabetes and filled that info out on my paper work at the drs. office. She said nothing about side effects- just come back in four weeks. I have been reading all these reveiws and internet info on this drug and now I am concerned that maybe I shouldn’t be taking this. I took half a pill at lunch today and now it is 2:30 in the morning and I can’t sleep. I am desperate to lose weight. My metabolism is at a snail crawl pace. I need to lose about 60 lbs. because the extra weight is really causing me more problems. I now feel that I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t try this drug. Going to my regular dr. Monday and see what she says.

    • heather says:

      Brenda i went last week and as well i have high blood pressure and i have anxiety! i went with a friend and she is doing great problems and is loosing weight fast!! I however haven’t slept, and have lost 3 pounds.. on top of it my pressure is up i have headaches and nausea.. the worst part is the paranoia.. went to the Cumberland farms for a soda and thought i was gonna freak out!! this is terrible…research online says that this should not be subscribed to people with blood-pressure problems!!!

    • candela says:


    • Odell Parker says:

      Seems the best time to take the pill is early morning. If you miss do not take later just wait until the next morning. Drink 60-80 ounces of water everyday flushes the system, keeps a handle on dry mouth good luck.

    • Lara says:

      Hi Brenda. How are you? Your story sounds very similar to mine. I myself have had high blood pressure problems in the past and the Dr prescribed me the same dosage at 37.5. I am in desperate need of losing 70 lbs. I was wondering if you’ve experienced having your blood pressure rise when taking these pills? And did you always just take half a pill? I barely got my prescription filled yesterday, and I’m just trying to be cautious. Oh and one more thing if you don’t mind me asking…did you lose your extra weight? And how long did it take you to lose it? I would sincerely appreciate your feedback and comments-thank you. #Need some advice please. :-)

  133. Kelly says:

    So I’ve been off them for about 2 weeks and am starving all the time. I know I’m putting the weight back on. Anyone else experience this?

    • candela says:

      not me i stopped for almost a month and i did not gain any weight back but yea i was a little more hangry but i stick to eating less even if i wanted to eat more. with out phen you just have to try so much harder that is why i think this pills are awsome.

    • Detel says:

      Unfortunately, it is my experience that if you don’t regiment yourself and learn good eating habits while you are on PHEN, you will eventually return to your old eating habits and yes, the weight will return. Most people, when they go on a diet, have a hard time getting rid of the hunger pains. Phen takes care of that for you. However, if you don’t adapt to a new life style of eating the correct foods, then it just stands to reason that you will return to your old eating habits and weight once you cease taking the Phen.

  134. passion says:

    Hi hope some one can help me please me an my mother in law started taking types pill for like 6 months the got off in the back on it for another 3months we started noticing our hair was starting to sex so we tried everything to get our hair back bt nothing seems to work its been 1yr an 8 months since were off it an its still sheds realy bad!!!!we realy need help please am in my early 20s she is her mid 40s every were on our head is adding bt we both have different parts that just won’t grow bt still sex bt its not bald help

    • Becca says:

      This is what I am afraid of. I am paying real close attention to my hair. Maybe prenatal vitamins would help you? My cousin has been trying to get pregnant and has been taking them for a long time. Her hair is so thick and long now. I hope you find something!

    • candela says:

      not me i stopped for almost a month and i did not gain any weight back but yea i was a little more hangry but i stick to eating less even if i wanted to eat more. with out phen you just have to try so much harder that is why i think this pills are awsome.

  135. Elizabetth says:

    hi…id like to know if anyone gained weight after taking phentermine? if you can email me to

    • passion says:

      I did big time an other people I kno who was on it also my hair as fallout

      • lovey6637 says:

        yea i gained my weight back too but not as much as i was when i started i was a 16 i went down to a 7 and stoped takeing it and its been a year and i am up to a 12 i am thinking on going back on it

  136. wendy says:

    Hey everyone! I started taking. Phen on 11-17 and i weighed 186.4 today’s (12-15) weigh in was 162.8. I am happy to say thatso far the only side effects are dry mouth and NOT being hungry. I have to force myself to eat which kinda worries me because I know I am not getting the nutrients that my body needs because I usually forget to eat…whivh I don’t know about you guys BUT previously being in the “gorgre myself as full as I can on a regular basis category” I don’t necessarily find that to be the worst problem in the world to have right now…lol…but if my hair does start to fall out like some of the above ladies I may have to reconsider that statement. = just hope that comes after the next 35 lbs. Good luck to all of you!!

  137. Ynot says:

    My wife was on this and I had no idea, we got pregnant and I think she went cold turkey. She ended up in the Hospital for anxiety and started therapy. We had the baby (boy) and after about 3 months she started this drug again. She ended up in the Hospital with blurred vision, light headedness, rapid heart beat, EXTREME high pressure and tingling all over her body. She is on Zoloft and Ativan and drinks massively. We are headed for divorce and baby is 8 months old. She has turned against me with huge resentment and got down right evil and sneaky. All of her friends say she turned them away. Has anyone else had mental health issues while on this drug? I looked at the interactions and it s not good- Lets not forget she was hiding this from everyone and still is.

    • melissa says:

      sorry u had to go through that! i was on the 37.5 mg the stronger dose. im now on the 15 mg i started today but i never had them kind of side efffects and hope i dont .

      • LollaBelle says:

        My sister had similar response. Not resentful towards me but avoided me and othe family. All came out when she fell and busted her head pretty bad:-(. Turns out there is terrible interaction between meds for anxiety with phen. Sis was taking Xanax, phen, neurotin, and host of others. She was ok after fall but continues to take combo sometimes and gets way wacky every time. Breaks my heart and I feel helpless:-(

    • Ivy says:

      Ynot did you read my last post about my girl friend, this happened to her to, she totally lost her mind.

    • Ashley says:

      Ok, I’m up at 3am writing this….guess why? Can’t sleep. I am a 26 yr old female who, like other females, have battled weight loss and probably will always battle. My doctor prescribed a 3 month supply of phentermine. Let me tell you what this drug has done to me. I have experienced twitching, SEVERE mood swings, hives that look llike huge lumps at 3am, hives that look like ring worm and leave scars, rashes, dizziness, dry mouth, brown pee, constipation, crazy thoughts, paranoia, loss of interest in life, shutting others out, moping around, yelling, rage, unusual happiness (only right after taking it), memory loss, depression about not having children. I feel like one psychotic raging bitch. I stopped taking it and can’t imagine how someone takes it for years or longer than 3 to 5 months.

      This little pill is no joke! All I can say is that it is DEFINITELY the phentermine. please don’t rush into a divorce. This is one of those ‘testing’ situations for your marriage. Get her some help immediately. This can really threaten her health and I’m going to take a guess that you don’t want to be raising a child by yourself and I’m sure she doesn’t either.

      Losing a couple of pounds is not worth losing your health for the rest of your life. And when you stop the weight usually comes back. My body has built up a resistance to the effectiveness.

    • Ashley says:

      Do an intervention if you have to! This is an addictive drug. This is addict behavior, because when I found myself kicking all my friends to the curb and lying about taking this stuff, I realized that I have a problem…..even though I still have side effects, my doctor has said that they will subside in a few weeks. She is helping me get off of this bull shit. I am exercising daily but the eating habits arent where they should be. I am considering weight watchers….you get the support you need. Again please get her some help. She NEEDS you at this point even if she’s acting irrational.

      • Ashley says:

        Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that I was getting super confused. I was saying words in the wrong order as I was speaking. Then I had to ask myself what did I just say? Speech was inhibited.

  138. woman36 says:

    People, you must eat b-fast with protein before taking the Phen! Try Dr. Adkins Bars found @SAMS Club because they have high PROTEIN. You are cold because Phen decreases circulation to the skin. Drink LOTS of water & suck cough drops to fight dry mouth. Take 2 Benadryl by 8p.m. to sleep. If Phen is making you nauseous try taking Prilosec 30 mins before eating b-fast each day. Always take Phen 2 hrs after b-fast. It works but get off of it within 3 months!

  139. melissa says:

    is the side effects with 15 mg then 37.5

  140. Lorena says:

    I have been taking phentermine for 5 yrs now no health problems but im addicted. If I dont take it I feel like shit so jist watch out… HCG dont work they want u to think it works but its cause you only comsume 500 calories a day its a trick on ur mind trust me..

    • Jeanette says:

      I have also been taking phentermine for 5 yrs. but in the past 2 yrs. it’s been on and off. I’ve gained my weight back in fat and cellullite and in my fat jeans, It worked so fantastically for so long and then “Bam” it’s not. I’m 45 yrs. and work out 3-4 times a week, if the phentermine’s not working not sure what will.

  141. IDR says:

    I took Phen for approx 7 months I went from 155 to 120 pnds I loved it but I stopped taking it because I started experiencing strong side effects. Initially, even the side effects were great, at the beginning I felt motivated, energetic, my senses were sharper and had no appetite at all, the only adverse sides effects were dry mouth, restless legs and difficulty sleeping. However by the end of the first 5 months I became irritable, depressed, I had neckaches and felt so much pressure and stress right after taking the pill (37.5) besides the hair loss other terrible side effects were ear and abdominal pain and loss of memory. I became concerned and I stopped the treatment for 6 months because I read that you are supposed to take breaks and do not take phen consistently for a long time; I recovered all my weight; although the first 3 months my appetite didn’t increase considerably after the third month it did, I felt super tired so I stopped working out and started gaining weight quickly, the only positive side was that my memory improved and the ear, abdomen and neck aches stopped, my hair still falls but not as much as before. I decided to try one more time since I let my body rest for 6 months and I thought I can be back on phen for 3 months and loss some weight before I start experiencing the bad side effects; well, I was wrong, today is my third day on it and I have a horrible ear ache right now, I took a pain killer and I hope it helps soon. Also, I have experienced blurry vision for the last 3 days and I never linked it to phen until now that I read your comments. I can’t believe the intensity of this pain, and it happened after taking the pill this afternoon and it hasn’t gone away; has anyone else experienced this side effect? I am extremely disappointed because I won’t be able to continue my treatment with this kind of pain. Please reply with your experience and whether you found a solution to minimize the side effects. Thanks!

    • lorraine says:

      I,been on phentermine for 2mo.for the past two weeks starting to notice ringing in my ears,my doctor did blood work and EKG,before starting me on the pill,i have high BP,also notice some hair lost and restless legs,i started off @245 now at 219,i still be very hungry the pill is not helping me,i work out for 2hr,a day drink plenty of water,i only eat 1cup of oatmeal with fresh fruit added with activia yogurt for breakfast,and only vegetables for dinner,i had started my diet before my doctor even put me on the pill,so i really cant tell if the pill working,i do know that i will stay committed to good health and looking forward to coming off blood pressure pill,as a 46yr.old woman i refuse to give up on life never had problem with wait until i stop living,i have a grown daughter and three boys that i want to see become men,so if u love God first you will love your self,with or without phentermine you all can do it,so if u experienced side effects your mind telling you to ask someone for their opinion,which mean you are in control,run walk and eat very small meal,take two days out of a week and fast with the lord,phentermine is a mind trick,again i was still hungry while taking it,i trust the lord to give me strength to walk my 3miles a day, and drink plenty of water no snacks snack on the bible GOD!! words i will not rely on something that is clearly dangerous,good luck!

      • Nita says:

        Please get off the pill I been taken these pills off and on for three years last week I past out and it was cause of the pills cut out carbs and u will lose weight

  142. Sukie says:

    I have been able to loose eight sizes over a year and a half with this drug. However the dry mouth is a issue I found that this drug can make me irritable and withdrawn from people. I also have noticed it takes away inhibitions and has extremely increased my sex drive. Has anyone else found this to be true?

    • Lane says:

      I’ve been on Phen 37.5 for 2 months now. Ive only lost 10 pounds. At first I had no appetite and I was so focused on what ever I was doing. Now 2 months in I notice I’m starting to get my appetite back and my sex drve has went south.

    • Ivy says:

      Sukie, I have a friend who has been taking this drug on and off for 2 years, she looks AMAZING (jaw dropping amazing) shes gone from 240 pounds to 115 she also takes b12 shots and lipo shots every other month, but she came to visit me last week and Yes she looked great, but the increased sex drive and loss of inhibitions have made her crazy she sleeps around with neighbors guys she meets at bars goes away for the weekends with strangers, she is irritable, confused, defensive, jittery, wound up and she has been arrested 3 times in the past year. The person who came to visit me no longer resembles my friend in any way…. the nice, sweet, mother of 2… is now a divorced reckless slut who looks like shes on crack. It was just sad to see what has happened to her. She looked like she was on drugs but the only thing she takes is this weight loss drug prescribed by her Dr. Can he not see the difference? Ive read a few others that have said their loved ones have changed, my friend is too lost now, she wont listen to reason, she wants to loose more weight even though she has the body of a teen model she wont stop taking the phen. She said something to me that scared me, she said that she feels she cant connect with people anymore and she feels shes in a haze. That sounds like drugs to me.

    • Ashton Perkins says:

      Yes I have noticed my sex drive go up.I mean I already have a very high sex drive.I also get dry mouth a lot.But I just drink more water and try to keep gum around.I have lost over 20pounds on the pill for about 4 or 5 months now.
      But I am not had a period in a month now.I know I am not prego cause i took 3 prego test’s AND went to the doctor for blood test.I have been trying to find if anyone has had the same thing happen to them.Have you had this??Or know anybody who has???

      I am kinda confused and scared….
      But if you hear anything please email me at “”.I know its a long email

      • Nikki says:

        Hi, I am having uncontrollable periods within the the last month I have had three, I am not sexually active. I have lost 23 lbs since November. I am wondering does phentermine cause this because I went to my doctor and she does not understand why I would be having these issues. I am 32 years old I have never had any menstrual issues before .

  143. Harley says:

    Took my first pill today. My weight is at 260.. I wear size 24-26 jeans. I am a bi-polar/agoraphobic. I take anxiety medication (Klonopin 1mg 3x daily).

    I am at a point where I became agoraphobic because of being so over weight. The bi-polar medication caused my thyroid to *in my opinion* pretty much stop all together.

    I’m vein. My eyes and hair are my only attributes, and if i loose my hair, well that will not be good. But I can’t stand to be this big anymore. I miss being who I was before all the weight.

    I’ll try this and see what I can do..

  144. Kk says:

    Update: So i’ve been on it a while now and all the itching went away. Doctor told me to take zyrtec and i did for the first few weeks after. Still has not returned so i am very happy! Bumped me up to the 30s for a while and i like the way they make me feel. I have so much energy. Have lost almost 40 pounds now and have never felt better about myself. Boyfriend claims it makes me cranky and have quick and drastic mood swings..however i have not noticed any change in mood or personality. I love the way things are going on this medicine. I have faught my own body my whole life and felt so low about myself. I have always been overweight and never have been able to lose it. This medicine has helped me in so many ways. I feel so much better and more confident about myself. I havent had any of the issues with losing my hair or anything. So overall im happy. Will update later! Good luck to everybody!!

  145. nikki b says:

    Im just starting this me abt a week and a half ago i haven’t really ha any side effects yet i don’t think except constipation but i think that might’ve poor diet choices atleast im hoping. I haven’t weighed myself and wont until i go back to the Dr. Ill admit some of these posts have startled me if anyone has any tips to make taking this med easier or any suggestions for helping me “go” I’d love them.

  146. Jennifer says:

    I started taking Phen 30mg on 1/17 weighing 201. I didnt really feel any bad side effects. I was a little jittery at work and of course I wasnt hungry which was nice. The side effect thats bothering me is the vivid lifelike dreams I had last night. I couldnt tell if they were dreams or real life until I woke up. I hope this is not an effect that lasts the entire time. If the weight comes off though I might just live with it. I’ve lost 4 lbs already. any one else have crazy dreams?

    • Kathy says:

      Yes , Ive had nightmares. When im dreaming I cant scream or make a sound but actaully I am. My husband says im screaming and moving alot. Its like I know im dreaming and cant wake up, like my brain is awake but not the rest of me. Other than that the only thing I have problems with is my hands being cold! My fingers freeze all the time. I have lost 10lbs in 2 weeks but I am working out for an hr each evening and watching what I eat and drinking tons of water (dry mouth) . I like the pills they give me what i need to get motaviated and energy to excercise. I know they only work for a month or 2 so im giving it all i have now and getting a routine down.

  147. is it worth it? says:

    Ladies I’m going to tell you one thing this drug works like no other! have been taking it for a year! & my personalty has completly changed I’m a complete different person than when i started. I started I was so exited about loosing weight & being thin fast. I’m 19 yrs old I was huge 200+ lbs there was fat all over my body that giggles every where big stomache love handles, wide big arm I was a gorilla I lookid like a fat pregnant pig cow thing! But you know what I was happy & I was confident then. My personalty has changed soooo much I can’t begin to explain! I’m now a walking stick my bones are poping out every where I dont have an inch of fat that I have no butt at all if you look at me its amazing how it happend in 1yr you wouldn’t believe I use to be fat. I can’t ban this drug I can’t even stop you from getting it because I was a desperate fat person & I didn’t care I knew before I started I was blind. I’m 19 years old!!! I feel like a women on a dying bed! I used to have a really good life a big group

    • Beth says:

      What’s the problem? You were fat and now your skinny? Sounds like a old fat girl bragging. Oh how I hate how thin I am. People on here talk about side effects. heart problems, breathing problems and even death. Here you are complaining that you took a weight loss drug and LOST weight. Give me a break.

  148. is it worth it? says:

    Continue…. I had a big group of friends that loved me I was very outgoing I never thought it would happen to me i’d allow it to happen, but it happend to me real life!! I pushed them away from my life now im alone i’m a waslking piece of bones if you touch me its discusting you can feel the entire bone in my body! my personality changed I have no energy left. I’m only 19!! and believe when I tell you I know the feeling of death approaching! this is my 13th month taking them first month of the 2nd year I began. I’m 19 years old I have bald spots in my hair my skin is dry I have no skin color anymore pale white, under eyes are so red you’d think I was crying I have absolutly no energy at all If I get up or move much I get so dizzy I can’t be up for long if I have to sit down because just getting up raises my heart so fast it takes a while for it to come back down when I sit down. If I ever try to fight the dizzyness I will fall with no control it has happen! continue……

    • Dorene Crowe Ready's friend says:

      Google Dorene Crowe Ready who — at age 22 — took phentermine prescribed by a doctor. After taking phentermine, she had a massive heart attack, sustained permanent brain damage, and is now a quadraplegic. She was my best friend. Read the stories here; the common thread is side effects, and the one’s who can still write about them have dodged a major bullet. It’s not worth it . . . don’t make a deal with the devil. You are perfect and beautiful . . . take care of yourself and your weight will return to balance.

  149. MSM says:

    Max magnesium dosage is body weight x 4. Take it all at night to help with sleep. Read Carolyn Dean’s book: Magnesium Miracle. It is the best written, and in short, a Magnesium deficit can stimulate hunger as the body tries to get its needs met for this important mineral. Side effect of too much: loose stools!

  150. Lonlii Insiide says:

    Yea I gaiined all my weiight bakk n a biit more. I started out at 290 n lost liike 20 lbs iin da 1st month was exerciisiing 2 hrs a day n on striict diiet. No sugars,salts,carbs man iit was STRICT iit as all good then but ii started to plateau ii waznt loosin anymore n ii started to feel depressed.ii notiiced ii was haviin problems wiith stayiin concentrated. My braiin felf soo tiired n sometiimes id cry because ii had these feeliings liike ii wz loosiin my memory ii felt liike no one understood me iid be driiviin n my mii.d would just go blank.. n id feel liike ii wz iin my own liittle world. If ii could go bKk n never take PHENTERMINE agaiin ii would because of iit ii am no lnger myself.some ppl say the memory loss iisnt permanent but for me iit has been. Almost 3-4 yrz ji haven’t taken the piill n ii feel terriible ii want to check out my memory problem but don’t kno where to go or even where to start anyone wiith thiis problem pls help!!!!!! Email mii at Luvizmb69@ Thankz

  151. Cindy says:

    When I first started taking phentermine 37.5 I was gasping for air alot. I didnt think anything of it til now when I read that that is a serious side effect. Im no longer having any trouble breathing and have been on the medication for going on 3 weeks. Idk if ive lost any weight b/c i havent been on a scale yet. I go next week. The main problem im having now is like stiffness in my neck and my eyes FEEl funny.. I can see fine.

  152. Darlene says:

    This is the third time I have taken this medicine. The first two timeswith few side effects. This time I am getting sores in my mouth and tongue. Anyone else have this problem?

    • Jenn says:

      Yeah, maybe the dry mouth is causing it. Try Biotene. It’s a mouthwash and toothpaste that helps with dry mouth. Also, chew sugarless gum and drink plenty of water.

  153. kimmy says:


  154. NorseYourWounds says:

    I’ve been taking phentermine for approximately 6 months. My doctor sees me once a month to monitor my health, side effects, and weight loss. When I first began taking the low dose pills I had trouble sleeping, dizziness, and was sweating a lot. Those side effects went away. Then my skin became terribly itchy. That finally went away. As my dosage was upped new side effects manifested and were intolerable–severe dry mouth to the point I was choking on foods and coughing, biting the insides of my cheeks and my lips and the tip of my tongue until they bled and were covered in sores, and vivid intense nightmares. I ended up refusing to take any more pills until my next appointment with my doctor two weeks later. Once the medicine left my system I felt so much better. All of the side effects vanished. My doctor has placed me on a lower dosage, and even said it would be okay to skip every 3rd day if I begin to have problems again. I now take a pill once each day for two days, then go without on the 3rd day because my body just doesn’t like having phentermine in it. The good news is I’ve lost 30 lbs. and only have 20 more to go. Also, I’ve taught myself to eat healthier and actually crave vegetables and fruits instead of donuts and fast food. Hopefully this is my road to a permanent healthy lifestyle. For those of you reading this, if the symptoms are unbearable talk to your doctor about lowering your dosage and even skipping days. Hope this helps. Good luck on your weight loss.

  155. Maggie says:

    I stareted taking this medicatation before Christmas 37.5 mgs. Wow this stuff is a BiG TIME DRUG!!!!!!!! Don’t have any caffine at all!!!!! Caffine increases this hyperness big time!!!!!!!!!!!! I went on this stuff because I was having ahard time loosing weight after a histrectomy. I had no appetite and was dizzie weak, sweating, (like I needed night sweats !) I got to the point of throwing up and constipated Big time rabbit nuggets. Feeling like I would black out not good. Neck ache, kidneys burn and not pee much and thats why I’m on here to check side affects . Had I known all these side affects were not just affecting me or that they were this bad I would have never started this stuff. My Daughter started a regular whole grains and fruits veggies and NO RED MEAT way of eating also NO SUGAR and different natural teas NO CAFFINE no hormone increased milk or eggs she has vanilla rice milk or soy also comes in chocolate and real chocolate she sweetens her stuff with some honey plus mollass which increases energy and helps burn fat (2tsp 1x per )shes lost as much weight as I have on the Phen with NO side affects. Plus my hair is falling out big time this is not everything Nightmares w/ the realness to them and depression anger. I say ask yourself is It really worth it ? Please people please try my Daughters way of loosing weight it really works and is safe plus you can eat a lot of these good foods and still loose. God bless you take heed and avoid the painful pitfalls of weight loss.
    Remember weight loss is Big $$$$$ industry.
    Can we trust a drug company to keep us safe and thin or thin fat thin and all sorts other medical problems where they make money off us desperate unsuspecting dieters.

    • acuDoc says:

      I highly recommend seeing an acupuncturist for weight loss. Not necessarily for the acupuncture, but for the prescription herbal formulas and mostly for the food therapy.If you are on this med, then it’s doubly important because it is so hard on your organs. When you get the stage where your hair falls out (many of you will) then it’s time to see that acupuncturist to be prescribed herbs to support your body, organs and mood and protect against the harmful side effects.

    • rhonda says:

      I have the same problems hair falling out,feet swelling,Not taking it any more to many side effects,I lost 8lbs,not worth all the side effects

  156. Piper says:

    I started taking Phentermine 37.5mg 6 months ago when I went to my doctor and told him I was tired of being fat. I have lost a total of 52 pounds so far and I feel amazing. I am monitored regularly by my doctor and so far other than being a bit moody at times (normally it is because my husband has done something to irritate me) and not being able to fall asleep right away (so I take Melatonin) I haven’t had any major side affects. My husband started taking the same dose about 4 months ago and is down just over 30 lbs.
    The most important thing to remember is that the medication is just a band aid, the only way the weight is going to stay off is by changing your lifestyle. We don’t eat fast food anymore, I don’t fry anything, and we eat mostly white meat and fish, if we eat meat at all. We did go meat free for 3 months to wash out our system and that was great! I also exercise 3-5 days a week, depending on how I feel, and I change up my exercise with each work out, I go from jogging, to core strengthening, to boot camp style, and yoga. It keeps my body guessing so it doesn’t get “used” to one type of workout.
    I am planning to wean off of the pills in the next month or so, but I know that without continuing the eating habits and exercise my weight will come right back on.

  157. kay says:

    I’ve been taking this for 4 days… I have had a weird dream every night so far but nothing scarrry .. my biggest problem is I’m grinding my teeth! I don’t see it as a side affect anywhere does this happen to any one else??? My damn jaw hurts from it! However my friend lost almost 100 pounds so I would like to try it for 3 months… but I don’t know if my teeth can take any more of this!

    • lisa says:

      yes ive been taking these for a while and i also grind my teeth or just catch myself bit down on them all day. and yes my jaw was sore also .

    • Janet says:

      Kara, the grinding can happen. Be careful or you’ll develop tmj. If you don’t already you should sleep on your back. Until the pain in your jaw subsides, don’t chew gum, chew ice, popcorn, and anything hard like nuts. I did that and ignored the pain and ended up having to have a mouth guard and put on relafin

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kay, go to your dentist as ask about a mouth guard…..should be covered by insurance.

      • Monica says:

        I have a mouth guard because I grind my teeth. My mom said I’ve been doing that all my life. But I’ve just now started Phentermine. I get the capsules at 30mg. It’s been 11 days, and I’m down 9 lbs. (Started at 248, now I’m 239; I’m 5’6″ and 33 yrs old.) I canceled my gym membership because I’d been going for 3 years and have fluctuated in my weight (and eating habits) after my father passed away in 2010.

        My only side effect is dry mouth, but I drink water and try to keep a container with me where ever I go. =)

        I plan to stay on it for 3 months and see where I end up. I’ll probably take a month off and start right back up on it! My friend lost 20 lbs, but shes smaller, and doesn’t exercise or eat right (just once a day). She’s been on it for about 8 months. And now, she takes a pill every 3-4 days. Im def not going that route. =/

    • ME TOO! says:

      I have the same symptoms you are, are we like sisters or something:) Weird dreams and grinding my mouth.

    • Sunny says:

      I am on my 5th day. I am not hungry but eat a couple of small meals and push the water a little. I did have a couple of brief moments of nausea the first 2 days. I DO have a dry mouth and clentch my teeth. What I am doing is sucking on sugar free throat drops and keep some water near by. I so far can only sleep about 3 hours at night and yes, I do feel like little bugs are crawling on my skin, but it’s working and I feel it is worth it. I have added a short walk in the evenings and use light hand weights with 15 min. exercise daily. Otherwise I haven’t felt better in a long time! I have already lost 4lbs. I am excited about the weight loss and it feels great to not feel hungry all the time. I say this is so worth it. I hope to only take it for 3 months.
      As for the teeth clinching, it is a problem for me, but I am trying to remind myself to relax! It can help allot.

    • Serenna says:

      Use a mouth guard to save your teeth and jaw. You can purchase these at your local drugstore.

  158. Jeanette says:

    Does anyone know if the phentermine capsules work better than the white blue speckled pill?

  159. Aldo says:

    WOW!! This blog site is FULL of either FDA shills or complete morons! The Phentermine of today is LIGHT WEIGHT compared to the Phentermine of the 1990-s and you people talk about it like it’s METH or CRACK. What a joke. This stuff (the 37.5) is very mild and not even as strong as the old Metabolife 356 and Zenalene RFA ephedra pills that were OTC. Go ahead and keep running your stupid mouths and the FDA goons will cause todays WEAK Phentermine to go out of production in the name of “health” (like they REALLY care, with all the other prescription drugs that KILL over 200,000 Americans per year and all the toxic CRAP they put in our food and water)! but I digress As I was saying, go ahead and keep complaining about all the “horrible” symptoms of Phentermine and we will be left with NOTHING to control our appetites from a food supply that is loaded with HIGHLY ADDICTIVE MSG, ASPARTAME and HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP which cannot be processed by the human body and is stored as FAT and causes CANCER AND DIABETES! Fat and sick people keep the American Diabetes Assocation and Cancer Associations RICH, who in turn BRIBE THE FDA. Wake up IDIOTS. Even if this weak Phentermine gives you side effects, keep your mouth shut or we will be left with NOTHING but toxic, fattening, addictive food and OTC diet supplements that are totally worthless except for decreasing your bank accounts. Good grief at the STUPIDITY OF ALL THESE SHEEPLE!!!!!!!I guess you like being totally controlled by a tyrannical government. Fat, sickly sheep are easier to catch and slaughter.

  160. little10 says:

    I am on day 3. I am 8lbs down, but having a few side.effect… I am great all day, around 6 or so every day I get a horrible headache unbearable. Has anyone else had this??

    • luvisfaith says:

      I am on my 3rd month taking 37.5 mg. The side effects for me are mild, I do have dryness in my mouth that only water can help (which is a good thing) keeps me away from soda. In the beginning I did get headaches that were sharp then it seemed like cluster headaches but that went away. I eat weightwatcher meals and a normal dinner small portions since I do get full fast (shrinking of the stomach). I will only be on it another 3 months as the DR. doesnt want me to be on it any longer then that. I am down 22 pounds. Exercise helps of coarse. The side effect of not being able to fall asleep is a factor but I take a melatonin at night and that helps somewhat. Good Luck to you. Hope you do well.

      • JT says:

        I had been taking 3-37.5 as prescribed by dr for 3 months now, total of 9 mo using phen, but max he would allow me 3 pills a day as tolerence grew and on last month before break with medicine. Results have been tremendous, lost 141lbs in 9 mo, granted I’ve increased to 50 mile a day bike rides, mixed in with swimming and walking. Was jogging but from yrs of overweight knee is obliterated according to dr and xrays, was on crutches for 8 days and rested for 19 days end of July-into August
        Headaches for me from BP increasing and was off BP meds, dr put back on and headaches subsided considerably. As I’m wiening from pills right now dr has explained weight gain will occur, just how much is up to how strict I am, at least 3-lbs in water weight will occur as phen dehydrates everyone and stop using will gain that, then depends on choices we make eating, so far have added 9 lbs as my “drive” to excersie has decreased, maybe burnt out, but noticed in past few weeks less energy and riding 30 miles a day now. granted knee issue hasnt helped and lost time while recouping from that

    • wondermom says:

      i take 1/2 a tablet in the morning and then a 1/2 in the afternoon and havent had any headaches since.

    • Lindsay says:

      Yes! Ive been taking phentermine on and off for a few months. I am having the same problem! Its the only side effect that i find debilitating with this drug. I want to know if there is anyway to decrease or avoid this. I assume we get headaches when we r coming down from the “high”

    • wera says:

      oh yeah !big time headaches and no sleep,keep awake like an idiot and have to force myself to eat and to add insult to injury-constipation………….

  161. Flynn006 says:

    My Doctor prescribed Phentermine.I was about 55 pds overweight.The Phertermine worked.It was amazing.I lost 55 pds in less than 8 months.But it came with a serious cost.Once I stopped taking Phentermine I went through a terrible withdrawl.Depression,no energy,tired alot.My gums receded so badly I might have to have partials put in.And appetite returns..and do does the weight. In short Phentermine does what it says.But also bear in mind that it does have side effects.some are very serious.Im considering a Lawsuit against the Pharmacuetical giants who produce Phentermine.Things you should know is that NO ONE should take Phentermine longer than 90 days.It is addictive.It does have side effects that are underplayed.Doctors don’t reveal this truth.I did gain about 15 pds back.Slowly getting my life and health (and teeth) back.Use this drug with extreme caution.There is a reason it’s a Class A Narcotic.

  162. KWIG says:

    Hello all I am thinking of going back to the doctor and taking phentermine again. the thing is I have to make myself eat because it really does take away your appitiete. My best friends wedding is in July and my class reunion in in August. I have always been small and now i and over 50% body fat.. I am 28 5’9 and weight 210 I would love to be back down to 165 Oh well i have allot to pray on and hope it works for me and dont kill me!

  163. Scarlet says:

    The very worse thing about all this chatter, is the fact that everyone’s spelling really sucks!!!

  164. Heidi says:

    I have been on Phentermine for about 5 weeks. I definitely experience the dry mouth, constipation, am now noticing some hair loss each time I shower, some insomnia. For a while I’d experience more sweating. Now, I often feel like bugs are crawling on me, It’s very difficult to get rid of the sensation, often present during night time hours.I’ve only experienced about 8 lbs weight loss, and my appetitie is no longer gone…I am often MORE hungry when I take this med. I take the pill every other day because I was having heart palpatations that made me very nervous.

  165. Michelle says:

    Ive been taken it on and off for a month. I experienced dry mouth, trouble breathing, can’t sleep, neck hurts, heavy sweating during exercise, hard to focus, sometimes heart issues. I’m really thinking about lowering my dosage. I’ve lost weight even though I go days without taken it. Somewhere around 13 lbs. I’m 5’3 I was 192 now 178 or less. I don’t way myself. Went to the dr about my breAthing and that’s how I found out. I walk 8 miles a day and just started Zumba. Will go to dr soon.

  166. JT says:

    and that’s what bothers you, get a life!

  167. JT says:

    how has weight loss gone since getting off pill, me I’ve gained a few lbs nothing crazy under 10 so far but only a few weeks . hungrier yes, just have to fight urge to use drivethroughs

  168. Abel says:

    My wife takes these pills. She argues with me non stop now always stressed out irritable, very agitated hardly sleeps do think these are the effect of these pills? Help

  169. Bev says:

    I have been on phentermine for month and half. I take 37.5mg. Half pill in morning, and half pill about 1 pm. I don’t take it any later than 2pm, as it may cause sleep issues. Although I have had none. I do what my doctor instructed me to do. If I have dryness in mouth dry water, which we need anyway. I have lost 14# thus far. My blood pressure went down, from 190/100 to 165/90 in one month. This is the reason I chose to take this weight off. I want to reduce my sugar level and blood pressure. I have had no headaches. Little issue with constipation, I just increased the foods that give me more fiber. I also have Metamucil crackers, eat one package in morning with my breakfast which always contains fruit. I am excercising. I am not hungry, which is enormous help controlling my weight. I tried for over a year and a half to loose weight without this.
    I will continue to do this and will stop back as things go on.

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